Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ideally - the fastest way to take notes on your Mac

If you are looking for a helpful, nice and simple quick note tool to manage your notes, you've come to the right place. Ideally is the app you should consider to fit that missing gear in a daily workflow mechanism on your Mac.

The app is easy to use. Hotkeys, swipe gestures, animations help you navigate between views that look like a notepad. The app supports file drag&drop, which makes it unique in the family of Mac quick note-taking apps out there. You can also store images and text from Safari and other apps.

Let’s say, you’ve just found an awesome image on the web. Want to add it to your note? Here are the 2 scenarios:

- You can save the image’s URL. Just drag&drop the image on to the text area of the 

- Save this image as a file, just drop it on to the files area in the bottom of the note. Everything's simple and right at your fingertips in your menu bar.

Yes, this is a menu bar app, but you can easily detach it from it and drag to anywhere on your desktop if you want to.

Ideally also allows you to zip, email, preview files right inside the app, which is great, as there's no need to bounce between desktop or file

To keep your notes and files backed up, Ideally uses Dropbox sync which is activated in the Preferences window. Restoring and backing up is a one click action as soon as you link your Dropbox account with Ideally. The backup scheduler is also at your service. 
Even though Ideally has file support, it'd be a bad idea to store big files there like music or vids, which exceed 200 Mb, cause the app is obviously not for this. Another reason against chunky files it that they'll make the BackUp /Restore process take longer than you might expect, but still this depends on your Internet connection. 
Other than that, if you plan to store some docs, images, PDF, screenshots, webpages, text files - it's a great tool to use for notes on a daily basis.

Bottom line 
What makes Ideally really stand out among other quick note taking apps is the ability to store not just notes, but files inside it + Dropbox Restore & Backup feature make your notes pretty much immortal. :) The app updates almost every week, so new features are coming pretty quick. 

It's now available on the Mac AppStore with a 25% OFF launch discount for only $4.99 , so definitely worth a try.

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