Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to charge your iPhone quickly?

Everyone wants Smartphone because of its elevated and smart performance. Whenever you thing of SmartPhone brand the thing comes to your mind is Apple. Apple launches its new iPhone5c and iPhone5s. These two SmartPhones are really awesome. If you are not heard about this means then check them out. When it comes to iPhone the major problem is the battery life. We do enormous thing with our smart phone like surfing internet, playing games, listening to music, watching videos and many more. All these things make your battery to drain within a minute. And so we are urging to increase the speed of charging for your iPhone. Here I will pour some tips to increase the charging speed.

Just switch off your iPhone

It is advised and suggested by little evidence that your iPhone rate of charging is more in off condition than in ON condition. This is because there is no power is required to run your phone in OFF condition hence the rating speed is increased in this condition. Then another method is while charging changes your handset mode to “Airplane mode”. This you can change by navigating to settings menu. This will increase your changing because it will prevent you phone from searching for any availability of Wifi signal and this will save your charge. Another advice given by many of us is not using your phone will charging. This will consume more power than normal time.

Prefer using a wall charger-Always

Always charge you’re through power outlet rather than via USB port. Because charging by wall charger will be faster than USB port. Here I like to share the Apple official advice “for the quickest charge connects the device to the power outlet by using the USB cable that came with the device and an Apple USB adapter”. These instructions are given by the Apple Company itself.

Maintain the coolness of your device 

Don’t let your phone to direct contact with sun or hot car. Because the scientific that battery’s ability to hold charge is directly and significantly proportional to the extreme temperature levels. So always check your battery temperature before charging. This helps you to speed your charging time. You should keep your iPhone as near to room temperature i.e., 22 degree centigrade as possible. The substances like covers and cases with heat can cause a severe damage to your phone.

What if only USB chargers?
I mentioned earlier that always use wall charger. There will be possibilities that when you have only option to charge by USB cable. In that case you can increase the rate of charging speed by the following methods. If you want to charge your mobile through USB cable means then remove all other USB devices which are connected with your computer. Change your computer mode to “HIBERNATE” or “STAND BY” mode. This will increase rate of charging of your mobile.

Do you maintain your battery? 

If you answer all my previous question YES means then the next question is do you regularly maintain your battery? Apple advices it customers that “For a proper maintenance of Lithium based battery keep the electrons in it moving occasionally”. Charge your battery to 100% and then completely running it down. This makes your iPhone work in a healthy way.

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