Monday, September 9, 2013

VMware Fusion 6 is on sale and in demo version

Fusion 6 is available for sale as well as demo version [535 MB]. VMware virtualization software is to make Windows and other OS is compatible with Mavericks that includes the new multi-screen management and Windows 8.1 (with best for the Retina display on the screens). It improves the support for Boot Camp as well as the latest generation of Mac. The editor announces this software as optimized for Haswell processors to consume less battery. Fusion 6 runs on configurations set with 16 virtual cores, hard drive 8 TB and 64 GB of RAM. VMware list other major news on its website for further details. Fusion 6 is sold € 53.95 can be installed on 3 stations or € 44.95 for upgrade from versions 4.5 or Pro 4 and 5. OS X 10.6.7 is required to a minimum and Lion is recommended. Fusion Pro 6 is launched with features more tailored to the company.

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