Monday, September 23, 2013

Clashot iOS App Review


Do you enjoy taking photos with your iPhone? If yes, then today I have something great for you. What If I say that you can earn a good amount of money by just clicking photos and uploading it to a simple community? Well, this is possible now due to Clashot. Clashot is an iPhone app developed by and works on a very simple principle. You have to just click photos via your iPhone and then upload it on Clashot using their official app.


What is Clashot?

Clashot is an app developed by Depositphotos to help photographers meet buyers easily. First of all you will need to click the photos of the latest events happening around you. Then you have to just sign up for Clashot and upload these photos on their website using their free app. If you are a professional photographer and love to use HD cams, then you can do this too. Simply click photos via your camera and then upload these photos on Clashot using your iPhone. It's as simple as this. This is a great way of getting your work recognized by everyone.

What Happens With My Photos That I Upload On Clashot?


After you upload photos on Clashot, it is listed for sale on the Depositphotos website. Just to let you know, Depositphotos is a rapidly growing micro-stock photo agency throughout the world. Now there are many people available on Depositphotos looking for the photographs of the events that you have clicked. Generally large media agencies, designers and ad agencies are looking for these photos as they can't be everywhere in the world. So they simply buy the photos clicked by you and hence helping you make some revenue. The whole process is pretty simple and time-saving. You just click and upload photos and wait for approval. After they are approved, they are immediately listed on the website. Not only this you can easily add details like description, categories etc to your photographs. These photos can be then even rated and commented by other users. To view your current sales and earnings, you have to just browse through your profile tab and from there you can easily get detailed reports of your earnings.  


Thus in whole, Clashot is a great app that can help you earn some good amount of money by just following your passion. Try to be active, consistent and produce quality photos and you would see sales coming within no time.

Download the Clashot iPhone application and start earning money from today. If you liked this app, don't forget to share the article with your friends.

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