Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Wonderful Travel Location - Parramatta

Parramatta is an amazing, and rather affluent suburb west of the greater Sydney central business district right at along the banks of the Parramatta River. The suburb's history runs from as early as 1788, when it was founded by the British. It is the most ancient European settlement position in the whole of Australia. Parramatta has, since 200, been consolidated into a government center housing the headquarters New South Wales Police and the offices of Sydney Water Company. Parramatta is and has been a great travel destination for many people willing to experience the wider Sydney area. The suburb has a population of about 19,745 people and has a lot of activities for people who visit.

 How to get around is a major issue for most tourists. Parramatta however offers amazing and very effective travel options namely road, rail and ferry transport. The suburb is the transport hub in the larger western Sydney area. There are amazing roads and an organized public transport system that includes both scheduled and non-scheduled buses. If you do not enjoy public transport or would like to enjoy some flexibility, Parramatta car hire services are available for persons above the age of 21, and on who has a valid drivers’ license. Parramatta car hire services offer numerous vehicle choices to suit your travel needs. They also offer towing and replacement services in case of car trouble. The railway network comprises of very efficient electric trains. Subway services are also available in the bid to ease congestion. The Parramatta ferry service has a wharf at Charles Street. This enables tourists to have a glimpse of the CBD from the waters of the Parramatta River and the Atlantic Ocean.

 Parramatta is a haven for sports fans from all over the world. The Parramatta Park is an amazing location for bike riding, jogging and walking. The Swimming centre is also a favourite location for many people and especially in the warm weather. The suburb is a strict adherent to the horse race event calendar and it hosts numerous events including the very prestigious and magnificent Golden Slipper event. Parramatta also has a raceway that hosts both national and international sprint race championships. The Parramatta stadium is a home to the incredible Parramatta Eels, a rugby football club that plays in the NRL, as well as the youth competition that takes place nationally. Parramatta is also a home to climbing centre which is the only gym of its kind in Sydney. These are just but a few of the activities that can be experienced in Parramatta.

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