Friday, September 27, 2013

Things to be done before defragmenting Mac

Generally all devices will go down or becoming slower when they are used for a long time. This case is similar for Mac also; often usage of you Mac will lead to decrease in the performance of the process. If you were noticing the above thing in your Mac, then you should take necessary actions to improve the health condition of your Mac. The primary step involves is the defragmentation of your Hard Drive; this allows you to speed up the performance of the Mac. Defragmentation process involves organizing your files on your hard drive in linear memory locations. The files are stored in a scattered way in your hard drive when you were using it for a certain period of time. It causes the processor to take extra effort while performing the tasks and it decreases the performance of the processor. The process of defragmentation allows you to arrange those scattered data in a linear and continuous allocation in your hard drive.  When the data segments are arranged in a continuous way, then the processor can access the data very quicker than the scattered.

The various precautions before defragmenting your Mac are given below:

1 Backup your data: Before performing the defragmentation, the primary step is to backup your data on the external backup devices. Back up all of your files by using Time machine application in your Mac before performing defragmentation. It will reduce the chance of losing your data while defragmenting your Mac.

2. Perform the process during night time: Since the full process will go for more than 8 hours, defragmentation process will eat your time when you’re performing it during day time. So it is always preferred to perform it during night time.

3.  Your hard drive should have at least 20 percentage of the free space so that files will be moved from various locations and allocated in continuous manner. Once the process of defragmentation gets completed, the processor will work very smoothly.

How to Defrag in Mac: Mac support third party defragmentation tool to perform defragmentation. Stellar Drive Defrag is a recommended tool to perform defragmentation in Mac. This tool is recommended by the Mac Experts and you can use this tool to reduce the amount of temporary files found in your Mac. This tool supports various advanced algorithms to perform defragmentation process and you can also create a bootable DVD to perform defragmentation on the Mac Boot volume. Stellar Drive Defrag tool is simple and it is totally safe; the Stellar Drive Defrag has dedicated mechanism to fix various defragmentation problem and issues on your Mac.

Various features of Stellar Drive Defrag are:

1.       Defrag your Mac Hard Drive and enhances the Performance of your Mac
2.       Can Defrag various volumes and optimizes free space on Mac Hard Drives
3.       Defrag heavily fragmented Disk Volumes and also locates all the fragmented files
4.       Defrag one or more selected fragmented files.

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