Saturday, April 20, 2013

Siri an IOS application keeps your data for 2 years!

iOS voice assistant Sire has been in a mini-controversy from yesterday, users and American media who wish to know the duration of data retention. This night, the answer came from Apple. If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Siri, the built-in the latest versions of iOS voice assistant, then it allows Apple to keep your demands, actions and history for a period of two years. Specifically, these data are sent to servers of the Apple giant, and are stored.

Following an article published yesterday by Wired, citing concerns about the private data of users of Siri, Apple responded to the newspaper, allowing him to disclose this information. In yesterday's article, Wired activists raised issues about the criticality of privacy, lack of transparency annoyed Apple on its policies. In the aftermath, the newspaper said, Apple spokesman, Tracy Muller, called them to explain them more. This is their explanation: When using Siri, the data is sent to Apple's servers for analysis. A random number is associated with the user - no connection with the name or Apple ID.

After six months, the saved query - including voice - saw its number erased. It continues to exist, associated with new requests sent, but no longer appears on the dated more than six months of data. These "anonymous" data is then stored again for an additional 18 months, says Wired. Siri FAQ clearly lacks transparency. While Apple states that if Siri is disabled, all data is deleted immediately, and this information is available in the Siri settings but it is iniufficient, according to advocates of privacy.

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