Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Facebook is talking with Apple about " Facebook Home" integration

In recent weeks, Facebook made massive headlines for its new Android interface Facebook Home. The openness of the system made it possible for the social network to push its own interface on Android over it. Facebook for iOS also would like to be home offered. However, iOS is a completely closed system which does not provide the opportunities. That's why Zuckerberg said little later in an interview that Facebook needs to speak with Apple and Android integration is much better in the relationship. These discussions seem to take place now. Bloomberg reported that Facebook and Apple negotiate an integration of Facebook home on iOS. According to the Facebook source from Apple representatives have the technology already paraded around home.

Both companies were in negotiations and a result is not yet in sight. But what apparently is foreseeable that Home cannot come in the full version on the iPhone or iPad. It will probably run out the fact that only some of the functions and a bit of design in iOS. Facebook developed an alternative lock screen for iOS. It could also be published under a different name. Always Facebook and Apple have a difficult relationship behind. So there was always conflict between the two companies, as an integration of the social network might look like practically in iOS. With iOS 6 for the first time is a deep Facebook integration present in the system, which comes at no extra app needed for.

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