Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apple apologizes for its policy to China

For the past several weeks in China, Apple was the target of virulent criticism about its techniques. Attacks in the media, have forced Tim Cook, CEO of the firm, to apologize for some differences in treatment. A differential treatment; given particularly to china have created a wave of protests and Apple has been the target of a barrage of criticism. Difference in treatment that may exist on certain products between United States and China created a furor. iPhone 4 and 4S were were replaced in Europe and it was subject to standard repairs in China made the uproar in China.Tim Cook has issued an apology on the official website of Apple China. It essentially recognizes that communication was poor, and that the firm should better inform consumers Chinese. More specifically, he explains that the iPhone 5 will almost always be replaced in case of problems, while models 4 and 4S will most certainly can repaired. Cook does not explain exactly why, but we have to imagine that the finesse of the iPhone 5 and its complex manufacturing process are due for replacement.

However, he did not respond, as pointed out The Verge, a charge carried by several Chinese media. According to the media in China, Apple carefully avoids the replacements because Chinese law obliges for the undertaking which provide a full year of technical support. However, in the case of replacement, the warranty is only 90 days. No word on a course such an assertion. The firm recognizes, however, still have a lot to learn from the Chinese market, and conduct a review of certain clauses of warranty.
Who made excuses fly. According to Reuters, however, excuses Tim Cook have borne fruit. Apple won’t apologize easily. The last known case is also the Plans, including the chaotic launch could hardly be ignored. Chinese media have generally endorsed the approach. Even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the response had been "conscientious."

Apple accused of "arrogance unprecedented," Thus its side enhanced by the declaration of Tim Cook. Chinese firm Control Risks analysis has indicated that Cook "had to get up from his chair and meet the CEO," which "shows the importance of China and how it is a critical market not just for Apple but for any multinational company.” According to the consulting firm Redtech technology, Apple has also learned to be more "proactive". He added that in case of future problems, the company will find it easier to get back on their feet.

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