Thursday, April 11, 2013

Intel announces Thunderbolt to 20Gbps with 4K transfer in parallel!

The new Thunderbolt has arrived! Intel has given more details about the new version of its high-speed interface, launched only two years ago on the first Mac to benefit. Bidirectional flow passes 10Gbps to 20Gbps now and still works without fiber optics. Another new size, the Thunderbolt can now broadcast a signal 4K in parallel, will allow instructors to connect new generation. Good news, the interface will remain the same and will be backwards compatible with current catches.

Everything is planned for 2014, and the controller should land in the next generation of chips "Core", but only those who embark four separate cores (this will be certainly the norm by then). For the record, the demo was done on PC this time. During the first presentation, Intel demonstrated performance "Lightpeak," the former name of Thunderbolt from an Apple machine. Then came the Mac, the first to adopt the connections well before the Wintel world.

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