Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blackberry TimeShift

Taking a burst of pictures, TimeShift allows you to select the best people on the face photo. This feature works well, provided of course that the subjects do not move too much. Typically, if a person only closes the eyes or mouth, it works, but if it turns or tilts his head, "collage" of the chosen face will be less natural.
The rendering of pictures in BlackBerry Z10 is much disappointing. Photos taken by the 8 megapixel sensor (f/2.2) have a worse dive than those taken by the iPhone 5. In low light, the level of detail is low and lot of distortion is present.

The video part is doing a little better with rendering nice flow of video. Regarding the audio, nothing is to complain in particular. The headphone jack delivers maximum power about the same as the iPhone 5 without saturation. As for the built-in speaker, there is no better or worse than the competition. The interface of BlackBerry 10 is the image of the Z10 which is very sober. The Black, blue and white dominate. The symbols of the various actions are intended as simple as possible.

The system is fast and smooth, although there was a slight slowdowns on rare occasions, but nothing serious though. BlackBerry has also released an update (, which significantly improves the performance of third-party applications and battery. Except that this OTA update does not appear on our BlackBerry Z10. It goes into effect by the operators and it may take some time. It is hoped that the deployment is not too long. Unlike the iPhone and some Android smart phones that have a button on the front, the BlackBerry Z10 is lacking. No button is in the system interface as does Android like back button, home and multitasking.

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