Friday, April 12, 2013

Apple iRadio Go Air Soon!

Apple and Universal are going to sign an agreement on licensing music for iRadio for Apple next week. All three major labels were with the proposals of the company are not satisfied, which would only pay half of the fee paid by the personalized internet radio Pandora. But Apple wants to bring iRadio at all costs at the start, and has now, as The Verge reports, agreed at least with the Universal Music Group a fee of $ 0.06 per 100 songs. The corresponding agreement will be signed in the coming week. Also agreement with Warner is imminent and will be consider subsequently. Not only the Universal Music Group has apparently agreed to the compromise, but also the Warner will soon sign a contract with Apple.

Apple has not yet reached an agreement with Sony Music. Though there is no evidence that soon an agreement could be reached with Sony but it will happen at the earliest. Should not be added in the coming months an agreement, the personalized iRadio might of Apple's WWDC in time for the summer or go on the air in general. With iRadio Apple has essentially one goal: users should discover more about music and then buy them from the iTunes Store. The plan is also apparently put commercials between songs to place in order to also generate revenue. Recently it was said that there probably with a paid account, function of the advertising can be freed. Apple's iRadio is available from summer on devices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as in the desktop version of iTunes available to all users.

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