Friday, March 2, 2012

SFR Mobile responds to Members

After these FREE mobile and France Telecom, it was the turn of the CEO of SFR go before the National Assembly Economic Committee. Frank Esser, Executive Director of the operator, responded to several questions from members on the redesign of the mobile landscape immediately after arrival. Example of why the expected arrivals - known - lower prices or free the three operators is not reflected in any way a punishment for any length of rope in their face be prohibited clients.
Franck said he did not offer 3G roaming agreement for the release of the company Neil himself as a network operator and the virtual operator, it was something else. "In every generation, three did not have excess capacity is 2G, and they were offered a surprise  ... That Orange and give the keys to someone else" echo problems faced by Orange mobile phones to receive.

Without network coverage

"We demand transparency Arcep know what he played or not effective coverage of Free Cell." SFR carried out some tests to cover three weeks after the start of his rival: "We found 9% in Paris (it is known that without many branches in the capital, it is) and 1% next week, we saw 3% in Nantes and Le Havre 68% ... "

On several occasions, forbidden roaming doubted that provides a complete network for free Orange or is compensated. The answer is of course the question ... "I can not network with 2 €, I'm not good enough coverage," he insisted, to justify their failure to address infrastructure investments free floor.

Free Mobile offers

SFR CEO admitted that he was "surprised and aggressive pricing free", it does not expect proposals for € 2 and € 19.99, are "committed to react." Before that, in addition to these lessons, he said that no specific innovations that offer free mobile service.

He also ran his free MVNO offers to applicants who want to make it to a new use or the conditions necessary for SMS termination rates. Criticism of Stephen Richard first February. Frank banned as equivalent in Orange before he was questioned, and therefore the sustainability of the economic model of free, once the agreement proportion of graduates SMS asymmetry is expected to end.

Frank forbade silent on the impact of free laptop with its customers through says, without laughing, that he was "missing in retrospect." Announcement in early March, the SFR at the quarterly results for the opportunity to learn how to do today, France Telecom as a prelude to his results. Wasser has a chance for the next financial period of the appointment of silence at the numbers it needs, when he was asked to develop their margin levels. 20% were shuffled, but almost no other details.

Another concession to the CEO that the criticisms of the complexity of these proposals and contracts with customers, the operator finally fix everything. It was free communication axis, "which depends on us to simplify the design, service history does not accumulate over time, but we are now in the process of simplification proposals and general conditions."

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