Friday, March 30, 2012

New iPad: better than the iPad 2 for the same price - II

Best camera

Apple highlights the camera better on her new iPad. The result is the same everywhere: the camera is actually much better than on the iPad 2, which was also not difficult. Macworld focuses on the quality of this camera: very close to the iPhone 4S for photos, she is also very powerful video, including with bad light conditions. The stabilization is clearly effective for
Except Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, all these initial tests; however, criticize the very presence of a camera on a shelf 10 inches. Joshua Topolsky does not go with the back of the spoon on the subject:
I think the shelves 10 inches with a camera on the back are a ridiculous idea. [...] The idea of ​​carrying this device in the real world and take pictures with is completely ridiculous [...] I do not care who you are, what you do in life or where you come from: it is impossible not to look like a nerd when taking pictures in public with an object that is the size of four compact cameras. (The Verge)
The camera of the third generation iphone is finally good, but it is probably not a sufficient argument for most users: this is basically the general feeling. Add that the front camera is still too poor and just enough to video chat sessions.

This does not change ...

Until then, all terminals 4G LTE would make a major compromise: either a net decrease of autonomy, an increase just as the net size of the terminal. Apple has succeeded a tour de force with his new iPad: keep the same design and same autonomy.

To John Gruber, succeed in maintaining the autonomy was the main issue for the new Apple iPad:

The three generations of iPad are simply three versions of the same concept each time improved, and an important part of this concept is that self [...] is much more important than laptops

Successful challenge to Apple announced 10 hours in WiFi and 4G LTE in 9 hours. The Verge has conducted its own tests which allowed him to take an hour less, a difference primarily due to the procedure. The opinions here are identical: the autonomy of the third generation iphone is as good as for previous versions.

To maintain the autonomy of the tablet, Apple has almost doubled the capacity of its battery. He had to look somewhere a little space and the new iPad is thicker than its predecessor: 9.4 mm against 8.8 mm. In use, however, the difference is imperceptible if one believes Jason Snell of Macworld and we need the two models side by side to get
notice. The two models are almost identical to the eye and you really look in detail to observe some differences: Macworld notes a camera on the back and larger inside the dock connector which became silver. The site tested a number of cases intended for the iPad 2 and the new iPad comes to terms perfectly. More noticeable is the weight difference: the new iPad weighs fifty grams more and you can feel when you're used to the current version.
Fifty grams and 0.6 millimeters are minor compromises, but they are compromised and they betray the priorities of Apple iPad better a slightly thicker and heavier than decrease battery life. And do not forget that the new iPad remains largely thinner and lighter than the first iPad. (Daring Fireball)
Apple did not change IOS deep for his new iPad. Nothing has changed almost in this field: the fashion dictated by Siri made its appearance, but only the dictation mode. There is no question of using other functions of the wizard voice of the iPhone 4S, also sorry that Jason Snell for Macworld. Still, the dictation is working properly and is useful for typing text on the tablet.

Some things have not changed and probably never will change. The Verge regret that Apple did not use the iPad to add new applications and Scholarship Weather yet present on the iPhone and iPod touch. For its part, Le Figaro Surprisingly regret the lack of Flash in the browser of the tablet. If you plan it, do not count on the iPad ...

In conclusion
  •  The new iPad is the most effective, most convenient and the best tablet ever produced. (The Verge)
  •  The Retina display is impressive, everything seems faster in the interface and the price remains the same. What can you criticize? It's that simple. (Daring Fireball)
  •  More than a revolution, the new iPad above all, a development that allows Apple to make even the difference from its competitors. (Le Figaro)
The first tests of this new iPad speak for themselves: opinions are unanimously enthusiastic. Apple has managed to further improve its shelf and to maintain his lead over its competitors. If you want to buy a tablet today, there is no reason not to take this third generation iphone.

If you still use a first generation iphone, the new version is definitely better. If you already have an iPad 2, the update is justified, however, not necessarily. The ancient tablet is also the catalog of Apple and it retains the same advantages as its output. Unless you are a photographer or a high roller, the update is not necessary, but as Macworld sums up, you will be well advised to never look at the screen of the new iPad:
IPad 2 users do not have to worry: their tablet can still certainly be enough for another year. But they should not look too closely at the screen of the new iPad. Once we got used to this screen Retina, it becomes difficult to go to another screen. (Macworld)
You do not have a tablet, but your budget is limited? The iPad 2 sold sold for less than € 100 which is a really interesting alternative. For just over € 400, you will have a tablet that is still largely the road today.

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