Friday, March 23, 2012

Testing the iPad Third Generation (Wi-Fi, 32GB) - I

It is not called "iPad 3" but simply "iPad" with the third generation, Apple intends to redefine the category it created with the original iPad. "We have made improvements to the most fundamental aspects of the iPad while keeping everything that people liked the first iPad," said the Cupertino Company. Since the iPad is a large screen flanked by a large battery, these are the points that have been drastically improved, while retaining the strengths (and weaknesses) of IOS. Is it enough to redefine the concept of the iPad? The response in our test.
Design: the play of seven errors

It is clear that the cosmetic changes are minor, if not nonexistent. This is perhaps because they are unnecessary:
​​the 4:3 ratio screen is ideal for viewing media, its border is thick enough to lay the fingers, but thin enough to be forgotten, the buttons are almost naturally where it should be. Thus, the characteristics of the defects almost iPad remain: the headphone jack should be placed at the bottom of the unit in its canonical orientation, instead of the speaker that has nothing to do in the palm of the hand where it is sometimes stifled. At least, this mono speaker is there now clearer and better defined, although it remains poor.

Today as yesterday, the front of the iPad is a rectangle of 24.12 x 18.57 cm with rounded corners, consisting of a screen surrounded by a black border or white, surmounted by a webcam and enhanced by a home button. As is sometimes the case with Apple products, the iPad was not refined from one generation to another: rather, it has thickened to 0.6 mm. This increase is not smooth, beveled edges being more than 2 on the iPad. This new form is easier to grip, increasing the thickness being both negligible (we do not perceive it at first) and essential (she participated in a comfort that was not always present with iPad 2). But here, the form suggests the function.

Apple has indeed with the new iPad a battery 42 Wh / 11,666 mAh capacity and volume 70% higher than the 25 Wh battery / 6944 mAh for the iPad 2. More than ever, therefore, the iPad is a big battery to the big screen, with an important consequence: the weight increases from 51 grams to 652 grams. The difference is significant, and the iPad tablet is a cumbersome and difficult to hold with one hand, and even two, for extended periods. More pleasing profile, but heavier weight, the evolution went in both directions and the seizing of the iPad is still not as natural as it should be. Smart Cover folded, contorted knees, brought to table, etc.., Solutions to overcome this problem will remain.

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