Friday, March 23, 2012

Testing the iPad Third Generation (Wi-Fi, 32GB) - II

Retina Display: a sheet of paper illuminated

It is nevertheless difficult to snub his pleasure at first boot, the only word that comes is "Wow! ". The effect of the Retina display is less impressive today than it was two years ago when we discovered it on the iPhone, but it nonetheless still amazing, especially on a Screen 9.7 "screen of the iPad is like an electronic sheet of paper backlit.
This sensation is provided by the definition of 264 pixels per inch: at arm's length, the 3.1 million pixels of the screen are invisible. But this is not always a piece as comfortable as that of "paper" EINK reading lights: the Retina display is backlit by 72 LEDs.

The screen of the new iPad offers beautiful colors, 44% more saturated than the iPad 2 without being too cartoonish than most OLED displays. They are certainly flattering and appropriate to the public profile of the iPad, although we regret that blacks are not very deep. Viewing angles, 178 ° in all directions, are just excellent. Under optimal conditions, therefore, this screen is simply the best screen we have ever watched. The problem is to obtain these optimal conditions.

Currently in effect, the Retina display of the iPad is less to admire the rare applications optimized to complain about the shortcomings of existing apps, and most websites. Side applications, the problem will resolve itself fairly easily, as the time of the iPhone 4, for an update done by the developer. Apple also has the good taste to now display the version of Retina any iPhone applications you use on your iPhone. We deplore, however, that the App Store is still not smarter and be unable to provide a different iOS devices optimized version of the application they want: an iPhone 3G iOS 5.1 download universal application will download iPhone Resources Retina for which he is not very useful, but also the most useless and even heavier resources for iPad Retina ...

If the problem will go away applications, the web may be a different story: you'll notice pretty quickly, browsing, the graphical resources sites you visit are poorly defined or fuzzy. It is the quality of the Retina display makes even more out compression. YouTube videos even in HD 720p, have the same problem: the iPad third generation, they appear less defined. Many sites have their own application; the problem can be ignored, especially since it is more difficult at arms remarkable that closely. But it is nonetheless real, and will not be solved in a jiffy. This is unfortunate because this Retina display is just gorgeous and deserves content to its height.

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