Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MWC 2012: a guide for future computers

The true test of a 45-minute intervention of the President of the Council futurologio Google density. "Hundreds of people have smartphones and Android IOS have not heard of such a debate," Eric Schmidt, speaking after evidence of watercress Hugo Chrome for Android, the "digital divide" between two billion people in the other five billion people will connect. "In fact, there is a real digital divide," the tone of the prophetic perfect, "but five billion people connected with the possibility of new opportunities, changes in the world."
This digital divide is divided into three groups. First, highly correlated, there is a real technological elite - 1% of the computers, but Schmidt was not presented in this way, the huge advantage of better living conditions (democracy, education, access, etc. ..) and will and resources to maintain it. This group does not have limits: if you believe that the executive branch of Google, Moore promises of unlimited growth and the relative importance of ethics. This group consists not only in the first buyers: it consists in determining the future of computer technology and networks, starting with those who can pay thousands of euros, as well as costs, rather than attend the conference participants were Eric Schmidt. This group will have a virtual presence in the system: if caught in one place for business, can a robot, a concert that would have otherwise missed. High quality sound systems, projection equipment and holographic technology to give you tactile Touch and Go "live" remote concert. Quotes do not come to Schmidt, but a few voices in the room, the notes oi technically and ethically. "The idea that technology isolates the eternal people, that's wrong! More people than ever before with the technology. They are connected in a different way, of course, but it is connected. This voice is lower, it is great! I'm not forcing anyone, you do not go ... "and the devices are still outside are always key, but we recommend that you always leave your Android device over."

"People are inspired by people like Steve Jobs, who believe that technology can change society," said Schmidt, who some believe that the Guru Apple has created almost religious vision of technology. IBM, Google is a company to handle large amounts of data: data-processing systems can draw better absorb and successful business models, medical, educational, or through a policy of transparency, open data. Entrance to the technology meets the high frequency technology foundation for smart clothes, cars and homes in the automatic pilot, etc. .. "Technology is going on, becoming an integral part of everyday life." More reliable, easier to use, more transparent, it will be a big improvement, "the Internet, which supports this technology and provides the data, it will be everything and nothing at the same time, such as electricity, there will always be there. People believe that the only one technology, they will have better confidence that it is. “The second group consists of authors, represents a kind of middle-class technologies, with two billion users today. This second group has grown with the technology and benefits of this progress, but a small segment of the delay is less developed: instead of having a virtual presence of members of this group will lease the systems, while the "first consumer purchase model is so diverse a group of fractures, as well as social, economic and intellectual., one of the most important things is, perhaps, among those who designed it (10%), which requires (90%).

The project will be innovative and to be less risk in the coming decades, cloud-powered data and provides a true artificial intelligence, can be used as a worksheet to answer questions, strategize. Clearly understood, and Schmidt said that Google search engine and the driver will be less and less knowledge about how to Wolfram Alpha. Entry barriers to restrict access to and below the industry and the risks are limited, but a way to facilitate the growth of the middle class.

Those who consumed the least knowledge of intuition, but they are more informed consumers and has a value that will be a permanent fence. Schmidt, however, is clearly a growing need for companies to obtain data and modeling results provide more personal. In the case of executive claim to have the greatest respect for the privacy of Google users of their services, it seems that it is not adjustable variable: If Google shows that protects data, and then more people, and Google will improve customer service ... A penalty is designed for advertising, which represents 97-98 percent of your traffic. "You can always use Google anonymously, and then try to do it. But I think more people prefer to be connected, to know how this is possible, and we can face the consequences." The artist Eric Schmidt does not include the government, lack of observation: he talks about technology in the hands of private companies and their application in the hands of users. When their role as citizens is mentioned, this is the situation in the Syrian Arab insurgency or ... This is the overthrow of the government. Google has been very critical of the former Director of Regulation, "the tendency to regulate the current page in the future," and does not cause effects. It's hard not to agree with him when he talks about the various laws that regulate or censor the Internet, he said, "It is not necessary to regulate the technology, they argue, and the color of law. If you want to control, regulate ideas, such as compliance with policies and technology will be limited framework. "

Strongest against the International Telecommunication Union on the issue of governance: the Internet network is regulated by a number of private organizations, may be regulated by the Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications and Planning Organization of the United Nations around the world. "If the current system of managing the Internet works, such as not to touch me will never be entirely clear. ITU Internet kill fragmenting the risk of Balkanization and the Internet in different rules in different regions of the ITU is seen as a good idea, but it is the opposite of what is it .. " It will be understood, Schmidt did not mention the government, because of its importance in technology management does not believe ... And do not suffer as a representative of the company. The third group, finally, the majority of the intention of progress, it is not connected to five billion users today. "In the future, not only imagined in the past." Said Schmidt, is confident that five billion will never know, your computer, but it will be twenty years the smartphone, as strong as that of the first two groups use today. "Growth, Android will be your pocket it will be more people, if you will give them more and more Android devices," as well as five billion people do not necessarily have access to the network, as with us. Schdmit Eric took the idea of ​​Nicholas Negroponte and the OLPC computers in developed countries, without the names of them, network network peer-to-peer.

Instead of all computers connected to the central node access network, mesh network connects all the computers together in a long chain, which in turn is connected to the network. SMS-it can be even more necessary after the operator in connection with the server: If you want to attach a family member other end of town, your message will be silent from your mobile phone to the receiver. In this configuration, the Internet, which is the strict sense is useless: the central server can be practical network, but the data may be shared between. OLPC project allows each computer to catch a few e-books, all the computers communicate with each other, each community has access to all books, a real library, a computer can hold. Mesh network synchronization with the Master System, the Internet, you can keep up to date content. Mesh networks have a big advantage: they are inexpensive and easy to maintain, highly customized geographic boundaries of the remotest places, and it is not possible to radically increase the volume, because they are distributed.

"The technology provides the power and the power of choice," Schmidt Abstract intervention. By painting a positive future, and bathed positivist technology, Google, he is a prophet in the world, where the dictatorship of open data access and smartphone cameras has been eliminated. "There will always be the elite," softens, between the first and third groups exist, even in the best case, be reduced. "Governments are always trying to censor the Internet, but it is water, it gets everywhere and always escapes" Schmidt eventually forming the technological revolution as the mass consciousness of the global elite's pressure "to prevent the repetition of grades, which controls the internet". This issue is simply the future of mankind.

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