Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple is working 514 000 people in the U.S

Now, the market capitalization of Apple is now entirely in the U.S., the company of others. And American political debate is often separately. His model is better? Apple in the U.S. to create enough jobs? That the U.S. will have to produce their products?

Barack Obama tried to get the message. Jobs in the biography that was easier to build factories in China and the United States that is about it. According to him, and unnecessary burden of regulation is very difficult. So far, Apple has an official role in the negotiations. Now it's just your own website on this subject were published.
We nose (as a result of my policy is often the custom), or to see the situation more difficult for Apple is not pink. Its retail network of 27,530, including 47,000 people work in the United States.

California Company trying to get this message through its products industry. 210,000 U.S. jobs, as Apple "App Economy" report. Cupertino company to manage the technical aspect of domestic platform, download the IOS over the sale and its partners have donated more than $ 4000000000 for work programs, for the 5000th

In this case, we are partners in various fields, created by Apple to add 257,000 jobs are: components, materials and equipment development and manufacturing, sales professional and consumer), transport, health ...

It is a race in Texas, the person responsible for IOS devices that are manufactured processors, the latest iPhone and iPad, and who is responsible for production of glass screens and Samsung are the property of the factory open or Corning employees.

If we are directly or indirectly, an estimated 514,000 people Command. And this number is increasing steadily increasing. Apple's brand is now 47,000, 10,000 employees, more than in 2002, it reminds me of the series.

The transfer will not work for Apple, and even death, when he said he wanted to feel good. He is very good Indian offshore call center and other services for 10,000 employees and may be important to save. However, Tim Cook, the company to provide technical support to its customers the best in the U.S. is considered the best to go to work.

Phil Schiller said during the presentation of OS X Mountain Lion said: "[Apple] is now the beginning of something else." Clearly the word is that the presentation of their products, but there. If the dispute is plagued by silent media, Apple decided to leave. China on the issue of subcontractors, working conditions or employment brand is not Apple.

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