Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best Browsers for Ipad and Iphone

The iPhone and iPad browsing facilities are available with default Safari browser. So it doesn’t mean that they have to stick out with that browser. They have now offered several good iPhone browsers that have released and working well and giving an extra option for mobile browsing. Safari offer Flash video or navigate web pages but the new browsing app also offers these features some extra acceleration.Let’s see which offers a better feature browsing facility.

1. Chrome:
 Chrome the first major desktop browser to make a mark at the iOS. This is integrated with Google account and services featuring with nice interface option. Safari with new design to the header is competing among web browsers to kick start to higher arena.

2. Dolphin:
 From the list of given browser it takes the lead to satisfy the user with more options. It is innovative, powerful and free. This browser is little faster than Safari can work with, provideddownloading management and crash recovery in case of failure. One of the best in the list, but lack of iPad support and doesn’t import bookmarks form Safari.

3. Opera Mini Browser:
 If you are searching a perfect alternative for Safari then I would recommend you to go with Opera Mini, faster than the build in browser of iPhone and difference is surely noted while surfing heavy graphics websites. Opera is faster due to compressed version of web pages that is routed to its servers.

4. Atomic:
Atomic unlike other browser can be availed at $.99 and not a full replacement of Safari. This full version is better than Dolphin, Atomic allows you to import book marks form Safari. Varity of options and setting are available when you opt for web development

5. Mercury:
 Clearing bugs this provides a solid browser with full screen, tabbed browsing, bookmarks importing and gestures. Download manager is buggy and if it’s cleared then it will be top contender.

6. Photon:
 Photon deals best with flash. It takes remote desktops Flash and map to your iPhone. Sometimes this cause slow connection, or cause user-interface creepiness, or it works well. Desktop version is not that good at considering iPhone is worthy. This version is Available at $3.99 in Android Market.

7. Switch:
Switch is aiPad specific browser, that includes multiple account and can have a privacy to the user accounts, it supports Airplay and HTML 5 video. Browsers much faster than Safari while loading.

8. Webout:
Webout worthy if you tend to have Apple TV. It supports both audio and video for second generation Apple TV and you can notice video loading a much faster rate.

9. Cloud Browser:
 Many iOS browser not supports Flash or Java. To overcome n this Cloud Browser can be installed, it runs full version in Firefox as server and streams this to iOS device. Problem with this is that audio and video get out of sync and jerky during play.

10. Knowtilus Pro:

This provides more feature and different from other app, while focusing on this basic are being missed and needed to redefine. This app is available at $5.99. Feature offered by this is RSS reader, a barcode scanner, text-to-speech capabilities and efficient than other browsers.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reliable communication with Satellite phones

With great headway in the field of technology, satellite communication has enhanced the communication system providing global connection to voice data with various communication methods to remote areas around the globe. The Iridium Communication is the only satellite communication provider of iridium sat phones with global voice and data communication coverage conducting daily mission critical activities with real time, reliable communication services. The Iridium’s 66 low Earth orbiting – LEO, a cross linked satellites is the world’s largest commercial constellation which operates as a fully meshed network providing high quality voice and data connection over the world’s surface including oceans, airways as well as Polar regions and reaching across oceans through airways and across the Polar Regions.

 Iridium solutions are the most appropriate option for industries like maritime, government military, aviation, mining, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and other utilities. For partners, the Iridium network solution is an apt platform for continuous innovation and serves as a technological support in the development of industry, for their products and services on a large scale. With regards to customers, the unparallel coverage and the dependence on Iridium network implies that they can depend on their critical communication line to work whenever the need arises, at any given location.

The Options of Various Satellite Plans 

Iridium communication services are provided through various handsets together with installed communication systems, onboard ships, aircraft and land based vehicles. It’s SBD – short burst data transceiver which has been incorporated into an increasing number of applications helps in data connections to any corner of the globe, providing location information, email, weather reports or any desired data with a reliable global two way connection. Besides this Iridium also proactively targets new and growing markets with its expanding business segment as a M2M – machine to machine market and two way satellite based location, tracking and messaging market. The OpenPort is a provision for complete voice and data coverage for ships at sea all over the world and is the only and largest global commercial satellite constellation. For the convenience of the users, the postpaid sat phone plans provides reliable communication anywhere without any cause for worry about insufficient balance or expiry of a prepaid account.

The Iridium Global Bundle 10 Plan includes ten minutes of airtime per month with a onetime activation of $40. More options are also displayed for the benefit of the viewers at their site. The Iridium NEXT which is the second generation global satellite constellation and a fast approaching game changing reality, with its focus in improving the ability to meet the increasing demand for global mobile communication at sea, land and in the air. Its interconnected ground network has two gateways, a technical support center, a satellite network operations center and five (TTAC) tracking, telemetry and control stations. The team at Iridium is more than 400 in number comprising of engineers, experts, service technicians and support personnel together with various other value added partners.

Iridium is continuously on the lookout for new ways to expand possibilities especially the next generation constellation in bringing about enhanced, new services and capabilities to their customers.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Must Have apps for Mac

In this post, I have discussed best must have tools for your Mac and they are given as follows;

1.Adium: Adium is a best app for communicating and it allows you to chat with your chat account in a single interface. For instance, you can add your messenger account with Facebook, Google chat, yahoo messengers, etc... You can easily modify the font style and also the color of the speech bubble.Adium is more compatible with all sorts of internet messaging services that are present all around the internet. Adium has a fantastic interface which is too smooth and lean; providing various features such as encrypted messaging and also tabbed browsing from the Adium itself. Depending of the services, you can send or receives files from the Adium during chatting. Even Adium comes with wide range of colors, themes and other extra features for your IM. In simple words, Adium can be used to connect with multiple services that are used for chatting and communications.

2.Kindle: Kindle is a reading app for your Mac and it syncs your reading progress of your various devices with Mac. Kindle also allows you to customize the app as your wish and Kindle turns your device into an e-reader.

3.Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is one of the world powerful web editor which let you to edit the webpages and other web contents.Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 has more powerful tool that makes you to edit the webpages as like you want. Even you can create your own webpages or any web contents by using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 allows you to connect with an online server and you can modify the files remotely by using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is one of my favorite tools for editing and modifying my web contents.

4.Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3: Apple Final Cut Pro X is a complete package which allows you to edit and modify videos. Apple Final Cut Pro X is a marvelous digital video package with various video editing tools that makes the designers to edit and modify their creations in simple steps. Apple Final Cut Pro X is more powerful and this application provides you a significant speed and enthusiasm. Apple Final Cut Pro X secured various level of ranking for the best video editor and digital video editing packages.

5.Skitch: Skitch is a lightweight tool that allows you to capture your screen and enables you to edit with picture editing tools. Skitch is incredibly awesome and it has options such as annotate, resize, adding objects such as lines, shapes, arrows and also supports of cropping the image. By using Skitch, you can even attach watermarks to your image by using this application. Skitch is especially made for quick and effective edits and it doesn’t have options like Adobe Photoshop CS6. But it has simple tools that are necessary. Skitch is cool, effective and extremely well in its performance.

Life on a Smartphone

First off, the existence of tiny little computers that are also phones is an amazing thing. That just needs to be said from the start. It is an absolutely amazing time in technology—an amazing time to be alive. A world of information waits patiently in a pocket, until some pub debate spurs a trivia challenge; got a wager on the answer? Bring out the mobile. Not having to wait to get home to check emails has helped people land jobs and quick texts have made it possible for milk and nappies to come home without a second trip. Not to mention sharing video, promoting cool new businesses, and GPS conveniences. Smartphone technology is awesome.
But even as wonderful as it all is there are some new behaviours that have developed as a result of the widespread adoption of mobile usage, and not all of them are pretty.
As strange as this may sound, it's true. Though technologically more easily connected to friends around the globe, it is all too easy to get sucked into staring at a phone and ignoring the people you're sitting with. Look around and notice how many people are sitting together but staring at individual phones and only halfheartedly speaking to one another. At what point did common courtesy and the communion of eating together get ditched over the allure of the status update of someone you've never actually met in person? Being overly attached to a mobile also means the opportunity for chance meetings or impromptu conversations with strangers are also greatly diminished. Less connection in a far more connected world.
Photo Frenzy
Phone cameras are absolutely brilliant inventions, there's no denying that. But it's become so commonplace to spend more time documenting life than actually living it. It's terrific that everyone's now a budding artist or documentarían but how about putting down the mobile and actually doing stuff for the sheer joy of doing it instead of stopping every two seconds to snap a pic? Plus when caught up in the moment there's a real habit of instantly sharing something that not all might want shared. Everyone has different privacy boundaries that are consistently trod on by well-meaning, yet overly enthusiastic photographers. And again, there's the disconnect of watching an event instead of actively participating in it.
Always On
Sure, parents want to be able to hear from the sitter and there are doctors and nurses on call. And then there's the rest of the world. If the mobile is constantly on and in hand it's something you might want to look at, particularly if you feel really stressed out. Being constantly bombarded by news and other peoples' status updates fills one's life with a lot of unnecessary noise. If having trouble sorting through anything in your own personal life first try to filter out some of the updates on everyone else's. Even if it's just a matter of taking your tea without technology, turn the phone off and hear yourself think.
Safety Last
In addition to lapses in courtesy, the incessant breaches in safety on mobiles is highly alarming. Many social media profiles are left wide open to public viewing, where some may post an image of their street address and then mention going on holiday. Seriously? Too, checking in to a location is just asking for a stalker to stop by. At no time should anyone post where they are and that they are alone. So why has this become such common practice, because everyone's doing it? Homes have gotten burglarized after posting images of expensive items and then giving an open announcement on when the home will be unattended. Remember when setting privacy settings on all social media that your mobile settings need to be checked, too. And try to be wise about telegraphing your movements on any given day.
Mobiles are marvelous. They aren't the problem. Yet technological advancements should never take the place of common courtesy, investment in life, or simple street smarts. There are simple ways to enjoy the benefits of mobiles but to also be sensible, empathetic and engaged. And until there's an app reminding of these things, it's still up to the humans to make it so.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top iPhone Restaurant Guide Apps

Open Table
Finding restaurant which serves good rating of food content with affordable prices is very hard. And finding the best restaurant with your favorite food and its ratings are tougher to find out in today’s life. There is much excellent application available in App store which are especially made for food lover who always wants to check out various dishes in their life. In this article, you can get information about various applications which gives you the better listing of restaurants around you. Now we check restaurant apps which provide good service and best user ratings of various restaurants. Here they are:

Open Table

OpenTable apps provide service to access the more than 1500 restaurant is support. These apps have more features like menu, use ratings, and also include real-time table availability and also reservation functionality through this app. And also OpenTable has a host of other features, including email integration, reward points, and list of nearby restaurant. OpenTable is complete freeware it designed to make it easier to make restaurant reservation.

Wine Rating Guide

Wine Rating Guide it is a paid app in App store. it provide the largest wine database include ratings for over millions of wines and you can search wine by a variety of criteria include name, brand , price, groper, varietal,food pairings and region so on. The rating of wine is measured in scale maximum rating five-point on scale and you can make your rating depend on your mind set. This is prefect app to have on hand the next time you dine out.


Few people can able to calculate tip in the mind,but not all of them. Tipulator easily calculate your tip in second so that it is easy to use .its interface make it so simple by entering the bill amount , give details percentage you want and tip will be calculated. This is a paid app which supports various premium services for your use.


VegOut is the restaurant finder app for vegetarians and vegans. This app ispowered by It is a web based service for finding a near-by restaurant. You can search restaurant by name or location. In this application,User ratings and reviews about the various restaurantsare included. It is a paid app.


FoodSpotting designed to help you find new restaurant. It offers visual approach the app can display pictures of food item and dishes available nearbyrestaurants. And you may see restaurant by name and what food items available. Anthony Bourdieu is available in this app. This app is a freeware.


UrbanSpoon is the one the great app which provideinteractive interface to searching an restaurant in nearby like shaking an iPhone gives random search of restaurantnearby and also we search restaurant by price range, menu list etc. Once if you find good dining spot, UrbanSpoon also include ratings, menu and pictures. Moreover this app is a freeware.

Hope you have liked this list of application; I’m damn sure you would like this applications for your iPhone and submit your feedback through the comment box.