Friday, December 20, 2013


OS X Mavericks is specially made for desktop, it is most advanced operating system for desktop it allows mac user to experience the latest features, latest advanced technology and security. Mavericks make the mac experience better (by adding more apps to operating system) at less power consumption.

Apple, Less than one week to delivers OS X 10.9.1 to consumer apple launched its first beta version next OS X 10.9.2 on 18th December 2013 and it was maintenance update to developers. Mac OS X 10.9.2 have feature FaceTime audio, which is voice over internet protocol, basically this feature is made for iPhone with iOS 7, this feature allows the apple users to communicate (voice chat) between the any apple devices namely laptop and iPhones.

Focused areas of Mavericks OS X 10.9.2 are

• Mail
• Message,
• Virtual private network (VPN),
 • Voiceover and
• Graphics driver.


FaceTime allows user to make a voice call with other FaceTime user without any streaming trouble and turning of video feed. But Mavericks only used to access the FaceTime app, which contain both audio and video.

There is a similar app like FaceTime which is best for the users having interest in voice communication called Skype, it is a third party application allows both the video chat and voice chat.

FaceTime is made for iOS7 to make a voice call on mobile device and now FaceTime audio is comes with update of OS X 10.9.2 which allows to make a call on desktop.

The FaceTime audio is deeply integrated into both messages and FaceTime apps, which allows communicate between the apple users on any device and it makes the communication so easier than ever. The FaceTime and FaceTime audio on iOS and OS x respectively, it is completely communication system.

There is basic principle to attend phone calls that means that call is answered once the chat request have made from all devices. But Apple INC have a reason to follows the (little modified protocol) alternative of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) apps to communicate with each other Apple user because of its Audio clarity. FaceTime is also uses high-quality Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), for high quality audio (voice) it uses the AAC-ELD codec. AAC-ELD is designed to provide high clarity audio like CD for voice calls, it delivers high audio quality at a low coding.

Apple launched its beta version OS X 10.9.2 so early because it has some issues to rectified, the issues was Mavericks had a problem on viewing mail, so that only major part of update of OS X 10.9.1 mainly concentrate to fix that issues. But till now user had same issue with Gmail and smart Mailboxes.

Now all the updates and testing are used for development and maintenance to achieve a stable and rectify the flaw in the beta version. Soon the stable version OS X 10.9.2 will released and it would be milestone in Mavericks series.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to improve your iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s and to avoid the Lag

iOS 7 has been released and reviews seemed not to satisfy the people all need, but surely stepped ahead towards it early design. Battery life of an iPhone has really been an issue, and doesn’t know how far iPhone developers taken into to account, Apple will surely make a note of this problem and try to solve this issue let’s make yourself to protect the battery life.

Some idea’s to improvise the battery life on your own way, here are some technological tips to watch out for. Following ways are not only for iPhone rather to iPad also.

Turn Off the Parallax Effect

People will surely like to attain more attention towards the home screen. Perceptive to this scenario iPhone has enabled flashy looking 3D effect on home screen. The icon’s present in home screen tend to float behind as you move around the screen. This looks really attractive but surely going to use some resource and needs to be noticed. So while you feel that device is lagging a little bit then make sure you turn off this effect named Parallax and try out the work experience with phone at other instance.

Here is Guidelines provided to turn off Parallax effect. Settings -> General -> Accessibility, now tap the Reduce Motion button and closure on this feature.

Turn Down Your Brightness

Automatic brightness in iOS device screen is one of the major power or battery drainer. If you are in instance of low battery instance, just access to Setting app, pass through Wallpapers & Brightness, now turn off Auto Brightness and now manage brightness according to your needs. Now you are in full control towards brightness and that’s your wish to save battery or not.

Turn Off your Radios

Radios drains your battery than any other app prevailing default in iPhone. So whenever you move away from Radio just make a simple note to turn off. Used to play offline games then turn on Airplane mode to indirectly cut the access towards the Radio. If you are not using Bluetooth too often turn off when not needed. Best way to improve this is to have quick switch over to Radio elsewhere in screen.

Turn Off Background Refresh

iOS have a better performance towards the Multitasking environment, but his comes out from the cost of system resource. You are offered to choose which app to refresh and which not to. Guidelines to implement this is, Settings -> General -> toggle Background App Refresh button, from there onwards you can manage the multitasking or when not required turn off completely.

Turn Off Spot Light

Spotlight in sense used to index files on your device, this surely drinks up battery when you tend to have lots of flash storage content available in your device. In order to gain the battery at critical situation and also if you dint mind to lose the search function, the better way is to turn off the Spotlight. You are also made available to selectively disable data types that are not required.

Try out these guidelines to have a better battery backup.

Drones aren't the only way your package will be delivered in future

Amazon caused a stir earlier this month when they announced they were working on a drone that could deliver parcels directly to your door within half an hour of your order being placed. Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos showed Charlie Rose from American TV news show 60 Minutes one of the drones being put to the test. Nicknamed the "Octocopter", the drones will deliver books and other small, light parcels to customers who opt for the "Prime Air" service - predicted to launch as soon as 2017.
While Amazon caught the headlines for their drone project, a revolution has been quietly going on in delivery technology over the past few years which means that we're all able to experience added convenience and speed Amazon claim their drones will deliver without the risk of being hit by an oversized toy helicopter. These innovations might seem rather mundane in comparison, but they will undoubtedly lead to more frustration free deliveries and customer satisfaction in the near term.
Make no mistake: delivery as we traditionally know it is broken. Thankfully experts and innovators from across the industry are working on fixing it, and they're closer to realising their goals than Amazon is to launching their drones. Customers report two major frustrations with deliver today: it doesn't arrive quickly enough, and when it does arrive they're not in to receive it.
While some delivery companies appear to be happy to continue with the current broken model, others have realised that future business from online retailers will require better customer satisfaction. These smart delivery companies have already fitted their fleets with a technology called telematics. Telematics has been around in different forms for several decades now, but is currently mainly used by fleets to track vehicle and driver performance. Shippers using this tech have been able to drastically reduce their fuel bills by intelligently routing deliveries based on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle whereabouts and time left in the drivers working day. These innovations have already reduced the cost of home delivery, allowing more online stores to offer customers free delivery options.
But telematics is beginning to offer more customer convenience too. By integrating fleet tracking and package tracking, the best fleet telematics systems are now able to give customers more precise delivery times. No more worrying about popping out to the shops on the day you're parcel is due to arrive, as you'll get a text an hour before delivery informing you of precisely when your order will arrive.
While evening and weekend deliveries are also becoming a common option - typically for an extra fee - another cheaper option for those who work long hours is already taking off. Delivery lockers, placed in venues such as local shops, parking lots and even subway stations are becoming a common sight in cities across the world. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, recently announced he was closing London Underground ticket booths in order to make space for delivery lockers like these where you can even get fresh groceries delivered. While Amazon is a big player in this market, there's many startups trying to get a piece of the pie. Lockers already deployed are often over subscribed, with pent up demand by customers for the convenience they offer.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OS X 10.9.1 is available now!

OS X 10.9.1
After several weeks of beta reserved for developers, Apple has released the final version tonight OS X 10.9.1 If you have already installed Mavericks on your Mac, you can update to the new version via the Mac App Store. As always, the manufacturer recommends the update to all users. It is supposed to fix bugs first of the new system and especially the disastrous management of Gmail accounts.

Based on the feedback received during the period, all the problems are not yet solved, and is still underway. Further bug fixing may happen after seen whether this new version fixes the remaining bugs or not. This version has build number 13B42. The latest beta availability of developers had to number 13B40. Other corrections listed by Apple Mail still concern, its smart mailboxes and contact groups.

VoiceOver function that sets all the text on the screen for visually impaired users sometimes had trouble with Emil. Another point discussed, shared Safari links were not always updated as they should. Note that Apple also offers an update of Safari (6.1.1) for owners of Mountain Lion. On the other hand, this version includes specific improvements for the last MacBook Pro Retina 2013.

The slowdowns especially with the video display on the 13“may be resolved with this update. Apple said nothing about it, but we imagine that one of the novelties of this version also is support for new Mac Pro, whose marketing is imminent, finally, if the Apple brand continues to meet its promise to leave in December. After OS X and Mac Pro, you should have the right in the wake of updates to Apple's professional software, including Final Cut Pro X and Aperture.

To return to the Mavericks, the first update "minor" is long overdue. 10.9.1 was released 55 days after the release of Mavericks. Previously, usually Apple always offers minor update to its operating system in the months following its release.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Must have accessories for iPhone

Wireless Headphones
The iPhone is one of the bestselling mobile which has been made a record when compared to all other mobile phones. The interface of the iPhone has made the apple lovers to go for it. iPhone is almost present all over the world, even you can find them in each and every region of this globe. Buying an iPhone is just the beginning of your apple life; you can get tons of applications for your iPhone which enhances your day to day life activities. iPhone supports several accessories that are used to make various levels of ease in your lifestyle. iPhone accessories are more efficient when compared to other smartphone accessories hence they offer ultimate power by accessing your iPhone.

iPhone Fitness

Maintaining fitness is one of the main things which have been considered by most of the people around this world. Keeping track of our health is the more important than any other things in this world. iPhone has many accessories which let you to keep track of your body and you can have them in connection with your iPhone. iPhone fitness application is one of the best thing which has been popularly available for the iPhone. Most of the popular companies such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok have many iPhone versions of accessories which can easily measure your heart rate and speed. This let you to track your health condition and you can accurately keep track of your body condition by using this application and also with these kinds of accessories too. These iPhone fitness accessories are more precisely accurate than the conventional accelerometer available in the market to monitor the heart rates.

Extra Battery Support

Batteries are the most important accessories for your iPhone which gives the power for the device. Obviously Smartphones consumes lots of energy for working. Suppose if you want to work for a longer time, then you need a battery backup plan to work perfectly for more time. A larger battery capacity will help you during work time as well as during travelling time. It acts as a secondary fuel tank for your iPhone if you have an extra backup battery. It is strongly and obviously noticed that people having secondary battery will work with their Smartphones without bothering about their battery power consumption schemes. Nowadays various battery accessories are available in the market which offers you better solutions for the battery power source. Various colors are available for external battery, including compact design and also with perfect functionality too.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are other important accessories for your iPhone. Bluetooth headphones are awesome and look fantastic when compared to other ordinary wired headphones. Various designs of wireless headphones are available in the market for the iPhone device and they provide you more fashion. Brands such as Sennheiser, ZAGG and other leading manufacturers provide more trendy headphones as well as more fantastic products. They are renowned for their long lasting quality and with more sensible clarity. It is the best accessory for the iPhone and also brings out the best quality for you.