Thursday, February 9, 2012

Difficult to manage a successful

Free faces unprecedented demand. And it clearly exceeds the internal objectives of the new entrant who was forced to review its system information A to Z to take into account such an influx of users. Xavier Niel suggested the figure of 3 to 4 million requests for information received from the first day of launch. He promised the arrival of a customer area worthy of the name within a few days for the owners of the package € 2 can block certain options.

He also explained that Free has voluntarily delayed by one week marketing of smartphones. The first objective is to catch up today. Niel has been repeated, most problems arise because the servers in charge of number portability is currently overwhelmed. They can only handle 30 to 40 000 requests per day. However, things could get better soon. Server capacity GIE should be increased by the end of the week and be able to handle 80 000 portages per day. Indeed, this is not the quality of the offer of Free Mobile which he said that some people have backed off and returned with their operator. A phenomenon still limited if we are to believe the words of Stéphane Richard, who speaks of "dozens of people" in an interview in Europe 1.C 'is today the main problem according to Niel Free Mobile which currently has several Hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but he declined to be specific. He acknowledged that he could also be some isolated cases of SIM cards that were not reached their destination, which is normal for him based on the volume generated: "We have customers who like us, but we do not forgive not much. " He forgot to mention but a computer failure for Free with street number ending in 0, which means that the SIM cards do not always have been sent to the correct address. For example, some SIM instead of being sent to 90 arrived at 9 ...

Contrary to what some suggest, Xavier Niel said the Free Mobile network is "open and running significantly." If you do not see some Free Mobile terminals, it would be linked to the "3G cell respiration." "The more people there are on a 3G cell, unless coverage is extended," adding that this is specific to UMTS technology.

By cons, he acknowledged problems with Bouygues Telecom for the exchange of MMS, but he was confident that the operator he likes so much work to correct that anomaly as soon as possible.

Another topic discussed: fiber optics. Operators actually began in 2006. To date, 'Paris is not covered 100%. Niel said more investment than its competitors. Citing figures from ARCEP, in 2010, Orange has committed 80 million euros, SFR 120 000 000 216 000 000 and Free. To speed up, Xavier Niel felt that the various market players must work together "in harmony" in sparsely populated areas. In this regard, he felt that the public demand for optical fiber "was not there yet."

He then makes a distinction from the competition by saying that Free had growth activities and non-performance: "The percentage of sales that we invest is 37%, all of our cash, against 13% for Orange , 12% in SFR, Bouygues Telecom 6%. "

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