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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Facebook Launches Its Complementary Newsfeed Page on iOS Devices

Rocket icon
The dedicated team behind Facebook is always in the process of creating a great user experience through innovation. For some Facebook users the addition of a new ‘rocket icon’ may have raised eyebrows as to what it could possibly be. Although Facebook page has featured news feed icon, the rocket icon is another addition to that concept. What the rocket icon does is provide users second news feed page that directly link to stories, blogs, feeds, photographs, and such from various other sources that you may have missed.

The ‘rocket icon’

The intention here by the developers, was to enhance the already present newsfeed feature by adding this second rocket icon. The second icon basically, links many other sources of text and images relating to an item or subject you were looking at.

The position where this icon appears is dependent on the operating software of the device. Devices are primarily operated by iOS or Android, which decides the icon’s appearance on the top or bottom. However, Facebook has not yet confirmed this to be a permanent feature of this popular social media platform. It is currently experimenting on presenting a substitute News Feed page.

This secondary page will consist of videos, photos, articles, and posts from a variety of sources, even those that are not followed by the user.

Available through an update 

This new ‘rocket icon’ is available on both Android and iOS apps, and this secondary news feed displays content chosen by Facebook for the user. A spokesperson of the company recently stated that it is going to be a complementary feed of trending photos, videos and articles, but will be customized for each person.

This means that no two users will have the same content displaying on the ‘rocket icon’ page. Now, that’s definitely something Facebook has never attempted before. It is recent in the tweaks and changes Facebook has made and this has got people thinking over what else the company has planned.

Experimenting with new feature 

The company has a history of experimenting with new and improved features and if these tests become successful, the features are finalized. The ‘rocket icon’ is a completely new Facebook feature, and only after testing the popularity, will it be finalized.

This new feature is similar to Instagram’s explore page, which displays content that the user has not expressly liked, but might be interested in. however, the company believes that this new venture will be successful as many Facebook users recently have been in the asking for something new and exciting.

All the contents displayed on the ‘rocket ship’ newsfeed will be similar to the pages that the users have already liked. It will also showcase contents that are trending in the social media world, and things that are popular amongst your friends.

However, this is not something completely new, as Facebook has already tested this format using a small square icon, that was only available for Android Beta users. The rocket icon is not a limited version and is available on all devices operating on iOS and Android.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From Email Marketing To Amscreens' Face Detectors: How Can Retailers Use Unified Communications To Drive Sales This Winter?

With the advances in technology that have taken place in recent times, businesses need to adapt in order to meet consumer demands and increase the customer experience - especially so in the retail business where competition is fierce. By making use of unified communications, retailers can take advantage of lots of ways to enhance the consumer experience whilst stream lining their operations and reducing costs. Read on to find out how this is possible.
What is unified communications?
Unified communications is the bringing together of an organisation's networking and communications resources, to create a single infrastructure. This could include phone, voicemail, email, instant messaging, server-based applications and video conferencing.
The consequence of unified communications is that users across different sites will become part of one single network, no matter where they are based. In a retail environment, this could help to enhance the consumer experience, speed processes up, increase sales, enhance brand credentials, make cost savings and personalise the shopping experience.
In theory, it sounds like the perfect solution to stay one step ahead of the competition. But, in reality, research suggests that over 60% of retailers lack understanding of what unified communications is all about. However, many businesses plan to put some form of unified communications in place over the next two to three years in an effort to take advantage of this technology.
Instant communications
Unified communications can be used in retail for instant, real-time messaging with its customers. So, if someone orders something online, they will get an instant email message to confirm the order or give further details about other products of interest. As mobile shopping gains momentum, unified communications will enable the process to move smoothly with text messages to confirm orders, etc.
Being able to communicate with customers in an instant can also help to clarify information and sort out any problems or issues, in as swift a manner as possible.
Unified communications can be used to route calls automatically to different stores or outlets. All messages should be easily accessible from a single point, regardless of the type, such as voice message, social media or chat, etc.
This improved technology will enable conferencing and collaboration between different retail sites and mobile workers. With unified communications, rich presence management means you can see the status of others on-screen, for example, so you'd instantly know if they were in a meeting or available.
Personalised service
Retailers can use unified communications to give customers multiple options to decide where and how to buy items, as well as giving them a personalised service. So, if one person wants to place an order via their mobile phone or request information from your social media accounts, unified communications allows the organisation to do this.
The technology is increasingly being used in an intuitive manner, so that it can recognise a customer's buying history and information that will help to enhance the personal shopping experience. For instance, retail giant Tesco are rolling out face detectors to screen advertising. Other stores may consider giving a customer information about a product via their phone as they walk past it. Mobile phones could be used to show consumers an interactive map of the retail store to guide them around it, or different departments, for instance.
Unified communications can also be used to instantly check stock, speed up problem solving, communicate effectively with staff on the road or other members of staff who are working remotely.
This post was written by business writer Crispin Jones for Maintel – experts in business continuity and contact centre services.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

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