Friday, May 15, 2015

Through “Highlight” feature users can get the summary of best Twitter Tweets

After the introduction of the popular feature like ‘While you were away’, Twitter has now come up with another feature called the ‘Highlights’ to blow the mind of their users. This feature will about providing a simple summary of the most popular tweets to the users every day. As per the latest information uploaded on the official blog of Twitter, the user will receive the summary of the daily tweets via push notification.
What is the new feature all about?

As per the blog post of Twitter, the recent feature of “Highlight” will help the twitter user to catch up on the best stuff of the day quickly and ensuring that all the information is relevant to the user. However, what remains a mystery is how Twitter will be able to pick the right highlight according to the user? The answer lies in a simple fact that now twitter is looking into the conversations of users and in their accounts that are followed by the user, the kind of tweets that is shared by the user with other people, the topics and the events that will be currently trending in the user’s network as well as in the area of the user. The company will also check on the people who are either trending or most popular that you follow every day.

On the other side, the users will also have the option of turning-on this feature to get all the benefits Highlights. Once the user has been able to activate the Highlight feature, they will be notified twice every day and upon clicking on the notification, the user will be directed to the main Twitter app, which in turn will display the latest highlights in a completely new interface. The users will have to swipe to check all the highlights of tweets. In present the “Highlight” feature is only available to all the Android users in English language.

The users will have to go their settings and access the tab for mobile notifications and click on the Highlights. Twitter has also launches its quality feature, which has been aimed at restricting the abusive tweets on the user’s account. At present, this feature is only available to some of the verified users of iOS. The company also indicated that they are constantly working towards updating their policy to deal with abuses. The company is currently working on their violent threat policy. They want to ensure that this policy features any violence or threats against another person or anyone who is promoting violence.

The company has also rolled out latest features that enable all the twitter users to receive Direct Messages even from the people who are not following the user. Earlier every person will have to follow another person in order send out a direct message on Twitter. With the launch of these new features, twitter has again made a critical change in their strategy and products with the hopes of boosting the user engagement.

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