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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Best iOS 9 Features You don't Know about Yet


Best Features of iOS 9 – Unknown

Apple has recently released its big software update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod with a lot of changes being done in iOS 9. Besides enhancing Siri and battery life, Apple has also upgraded on how one would interact with third party apps which supports `deep linking, apps. Deep linking enables apps to coordinate with one another and to the rest of iOS in way which was earlier not possible.

In-app Search

The built-in search tool, `Spotlight’ of Appleenables access by swiping down from any home screen or towards the top of the new Siri screen, has some new features for iOS 9. The most substantial one is the ability to navigate within third party apps which makes it easy to locate content.

When an app is updated to support the search function of iOS 9 one can type in searches quickly from any location and the in-app result will indicate alongside the standard web search results of Apple. Various app like Outlook, Dropbox, etc. have been updated already to aid the feature with expectations of many more to follow.

Phone Number Lookup 

The iOS 9 iPhone can pull data from natural Mail app to recommend who could be calling whenever an unknown call may come through and the same can be done for outgoing calls too.

Searching Settings

A quick swipe down from the top of the setting menu enables the user to locate anyone from the numerous settings which means that one could get back to scrolling through Twitter of texting much faster.

W-Fi Assist

If within the range of a free Wi-Fi location, the phone tends to ignore a Wi-Fi connection that may slow you down and will fall back to cellular which tends to be on, by default.

Bring back the all-cap keyboard

One of the greatest features in iOS 9 is the mixed case keyboard which has been introduced for the first time in the history of iPhone. However, should the user prefer to go back to the days of moving the thumb to interpret the state of the shift key, then is possible though you should not. You could go to Settings: General: Accessibility: Keyboard and even turn off the key that may popup in Settings: General: Keyboard: Character Preview.

View selfies or screenshots at once

In Photos, one will find two new sections namely selfies and screenshots wherein the selfies folder could be amazing to browse through, though it is the screenshots section which could be important for tech enthusiasts. The need to navigate through the complete photo stream to locate and accidental delete or old screenshots is not essential. You could swipe over them all and delete which is another new photos feature.

Headphone smart

When a pair of headphones or earbuds is plugged in, a new icon tends to appear towards the lower left of the iPhone/iPad lock screen. iOS 9 is now aware that the presence of the headphones indicates that the user intends listening to music and automatically recommends the app used recently.

Double tap for Apple Pay

Earlier the physical button for Apple Pay was not available. In iOS 9, one can double tap on the home button without the need of a passcode or fingerprint recognition and you can arrive instantly into Passbook with Apple Pay. However, to process the payment, fingerprint would be essential. The option of turning it off in the Settings panel under Wallet and Apple Pay could also be used if this seems like an unwanted security risk.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Apple Release Beta Version of iOS 9 to the Public for the First Time


After a lot of speculation over the last few months Apple has finally released its latest iteration of iOS version 9 in Beta version. Apple releasing of new iOS update signifies two important things,- one it is way ahead of its scheduled release and second it is open even for the general public to try out which is never heard before. Apple has released updates in the past strictly for the developers to find the bugs and glitches and perfect it before making it available to the public.

Users can easily gain access to the iOS 9 Beta by visiting the Apple’s website and get an extraordinary experience.

The New Advancement In iOS 9

Apple has given all its focus towards improving the intelligence and productivity of the Apple devices with iOS 9 update. Now its operating system will have better ability of analyzing the user’s habits and making recommendation based on this information. Apple’s popular and commendable AI for mobile phones named Siri will also be getting huge advancements in features with this new update.

Siri is getting a wholesome makeover giving it some refreshing new capabilities of creating reminders and browsing through the photos and videos. Furthermore Siri will also feature a suggestion window for collating all the user’s favorite apps and contacts.

More Features Integrated In iOS 9

Improvements are also made in search capabilities of the OS in this update which will allow a seamless easier access to the information such as sports, videos, scores and more content coming from a extremely wide variety of third party apps. Notes will have further improvement with users having access to new checklists and sketching features. A new app will also be present to study the user’s reading habits and collate content as per their interests.

Apple Is Counting On User’s Feedback

Since its being Apple Beta Software Program, users will be asked to provide subsequent feedback to the company for making further improvements and removing the glitches. Apple has already stated its each public beta OS will come with a built-in Feedback Assistant app appearing on the Sock of the Mac device and on second page of the Home Screen in iOS device. This will allow users to provide feedback with ease and perfection.

Apple iOS 9 Gets A Warm Reception From Users

Users can provide timely feedback to the Apple using Feedback Assistant app. Most of the users are really excited at the opportunity of laying their hands at the new OS before its official release in September but Apple had asked its users to remain cautious. It should be noted that this being a public beta software, it may contain a number of errors or inaccuracies which might result in bad user experience.

Apple asked its users to back up their Mac using Time Machine as well as iOS device with iTunes before even installing the beta software. In the enterprise sector Apple has asked to instantly only on the non-production devices which are not business critical. Business can install this OS on secondary devices to access its features and report its feedback to make it more worthy.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Enable the iCloud Drive App on iOS 9


An Updated iCloud Drive - Hidden App in iOS 9

An updated iCloud Drive setting in iOS 9 allows a hidden app that helps in managing the entire file library. Users could go to Settings >iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen and after activating one will find a new icon on the home screen for the iCloud Drive application. Before the iOS 9, the only option to access files that were stored in the iCloud Drive account was on using a certain app for a specific file type. iOS did not have the dedicated app to view the files and it was frustrating for several users. iOS 9 provides an optional iCloud Drive app wherein it services as a file browser for all the files that are stored in one’s account. Once the iOS is updated, users can enable the iCloud Drive app with a few taps such as
  • Launch the Settings app on the iOS device
  • Scroll down till one finds the iCloud listing and select it
  • Tap on iCloud Drive
  • Set the show on home screen switch to the `On’ position
  • Press the home button on the device.

Functions on `Need to Know’ Basis

A white shiny icon with the iCloud Drive logo will show up on the home screen and on launching it, users can find the stored files that are available to view and edit. On the other hand if one tends to forget to enable the iCloud Drive app on updating, iOS then displays a prompt after some time asking if you would like to enable it. If the same is chosen but would not want the icon on the home screen you could follow the steps that are outlined to disable the app.

Apple, as a consumer hardware as well as software company has always shown users the functions on a need to know basis and at sometimes, hiding functions from view in order that everything works without user intervention. Apple is now changing that course with iCloud Drive where its cloud storage service which was released last year with iOS 8 and Mac OS 10.10.

According to 9to5Mac, it reports on an iCloud Drive app hidden inside the iOS 9 beta. Though not visible by default, one can bring iCloud Drive in view with simple toggle and thereafter view as well as manage the files stored in with Dropbox or Google Drive which will appear as an app icon on the phone together with the other apps.

Free Storage of 5GB for Files/Photos/Backups

Users of iOS 8 could only view the files from within the app which could be accessed through iCloud Drive. Yosemite enabled users in managing all their iCloud Drive files in a different folder which was similar to Dropbox as well as the other cloud storage app. Apple has been offering users free storage of 5GB for their files, photos as well as backups of their iOS devices. Though the app may not look much in organizing the files in a centralized iCloud Drive, the app makes it quite easy to access and would even make iCloud Drive a handy means for workflow. The iOS 9 public beta is available presently and the full version of iOS 9 would probably be launched later in the fall.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

iOS 9

iOS 9
iOS 9 – Next Major Version – Apple’s Operating System

iOS 9 seems to be the next major version of Apple’s mobile operating system which is already being processed at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Details are not yet made available on iOS 9 though rumours are on, indicating that the update would be focusing more on optimization as well as stability improvements instead of the major design changes together with new features.

Users are expecting some changes but a new San Francisco font, Siri improvements, a HomeKit `Home’ app, iPad split-screen multitasking as well as transit direction could be added in the new iOS 9. Apple had introduced a main design overhaul with iOS 7, however with iOS 8, it is said that the company debuted features like Apple Pay, Continuity as well as new abilities like extensions and widgets.

It appears that Apple would be having a hard time marketing iOS 9 update which does not come with showy additions as in the case of iOS 7 and iOS 8, though the new version of iOS which Apple has improved from its previous iOS updates would probably be popular with users who could have faced issues in iOS 8. After the release of iOS 8, some of the Apple’s user base seemed to be displeased with the update, condemning the company in introducing features without resolving lingering bugs.

The World’s Most Advanced Operating System – Finely Tuned

In the case of iOS 8, it has faced an above average number of bugs since its introduction in September, resulting in problems such as Wi-Fi, screen rotation problem, battery drain, Bluetooth connectivity failures and much more.

There is a pattern for an update which aims in improving the underlying structure of one of Apple’s operating system instead of introducing new features. Apple had introduce OS X Snow Leopard in 2009, which had brought about many under the hood optimization improvements and had the complicated task of urging users to pay to upgrade which was done with the tagline - `the world’s most advanced operating system – Finely tuned’.

Snow Leopard has been described as an operating system update which `revitalized existing Macs’ with the introduction of features that made it evidently faster and `refined and enhanced’ than the earlier operating system – OS X Leopard. Probably we would see some of the same opinions in the case of iOS 9 if it tends to accomplish the repairs of all the pending bugs in iOS 8 and make improvements on the many features gained across iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Well Matched with Apple’s A5 Processor

It has been reported that iOS 9 will be well-matched with device using Apple’s A5 processor and may also offer improved performance when compared to iOS 8. iOS devices with A5 chip include the original iPad mini, iPhone, the iPad 2 and the fifth generation iPod touch.Updated security features are also included for iOS 9 andOS X 10.11 and it is said that Apple is also working on a new kernel level security system known as `rootless’ which would be helpful in curbing malware as well as protect sensitive data by refraining users from accessing protected files on their Macs. One of the main optimization which could be in store of iOS 9 would be the decrease in the amount of space the operating system would take up.