Thursday, May 21, 2015

Apple Now Sells a Lightning Dock for Your iPhone

Apple Adds Lightning Dock for large iPhone 

Apple had switched from 30 pin to Lightning way back in 2012 with the iPhone 5 and has finally added a dock for its new larger iPhone. While the updated 15 inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch track-pad and the 5k Retina iMac are the focus at the moment, Apple has quietly added an iPhone 6, 6 Plus Lightning Dock to its store recently.

Being priced at $39, the new dock tends to cost $10 more than the earlier model, though without any additional features. The only difference is the broader base to handle bigger iPhone. Users do not get a USB cable with the dock and will have to use the one which was provided with the iOS device.

Apple began selling its Lightning dock of its own recently and the accessory is available online, though presently there is a one-to-three day waiting period. The dock also charges the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the fifth generation iPod touch and is available at Apple stores. However at most of the locations, it seems tobe sold out. Apple has ultimately done what several hoped it would and released an official dock for Lightning-sporting iPhone.

Comprises of Two Port

The new design should work with devices going ahead unlike the earlier Apple docks, since it features a freestanding Lightning connector which does not need the device to fit the dimensions of a usual slot. It offers a basic design with a rounded rectangular white plastic base with a single male lightning rising from the top.

The Lightning connector is provided from what seems like a reinforced projection that helps in avoiding wear and tear from the weight of the device which it supports. The Lightning dock comprises of two ports at the back one of which is for Lightning to support charging and data connectivity and one 3.5mm stereo headphone jack to support audio out.

The connector is also provided with required pins to support headsets and play-pause control which operates with iPhone. Users can charge and sync any iPhone which features the Lightning connector with the iPhone Lightning Dock. iPhone could be kept upright in the dock while it charges or syncs and is appropriate for a desk or countertop. It is easy to dock even when the iPhone is in an Apple designed case
Supports Other Lightning Accessories

One can unlock iPhone or also use Touch ID without the need of removing it from the dock. The iPhone Lightning Dock features an audio line out port which is connected to powered speakers and supports headphones inclusive of a remote control.

Besides this, it also supports other Lightning accessories like the Lightning to USB Cable which has been included in the iPhone. Some ways of using the iPhone Lightning Dock are –
  • Connect the dock to the computer with the USB cable to sync iPhone and charge the battery
  • Connect the dock to an electrical outlet with the Apple USB Power Adapter to charge the battery
  • Place the iPhone in the dock and experience clear audio during speakerphone calls
  • Connect the dock to powered speaker or stereo with the use of 3.5mm cable to play music and podcasts from the iPhone.

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