Saturday, May 2, 2015

Apple to Aid Japan's Elderly with iPads in latest fruits of IBM alliance

Apple & IBM Partnership – iPad to Aid Elders 

Apple will be providing the iPads and IBM would be developing custom software, a low tech scheme wherein postal workers from Japan Post checked in on how elderly would be functioning on hi-tech with the help of iPads as reported by Walls Street Journal. The pilot scheme which is the outcome of Apple and IBM partnership will be seeing Japan Post, give out free iPads to around 1,000 senior citizens to enable close and more regular checks.

 `Watch Over’ so called is a niche which had been started by Japan Post in 2013 wherein mail carriers check in on elderly people providing consultation and share in information with family members. A Japanese Post official had commented that `by handing iPads to the elderly, we can closely check in on them more often, not only confirming if they are doing fine but also making sure that they are not involved in any trouble like a scam targeting the elderly’. Nikkei reports that IBM’s Watson computer would be analysing data from the iPads.

Project – A Commercial Service

The focus lies in turning the project into a commercial service and those caring for their elders could pay a minimum monthly fee for monitoring where the low tech service costs Y 1,000 ($8.40) per month. At a press conference IBM had stated that the goal was to reach 4-5 million clients by 2020 thus providing an improvement for iPad sales. Apple has released an official press release with regards to the initiative. Calling it the `first of its kind initiative which has been focused in improving the quality of life of millions of Japanese seniors’, the program would be including IBM apps which would connect the elderly to services, healthcare, community as well as their families.

The population of Japan comprises of 33 million seniors, which represents around 25 percent of the country’s total population. Taizo Nishimuro, CEO of Japan Post Group commented that they are joining with two of the world’s most respected leaders in technology in bringing elderly generation in the connected world, expand the businesses by deepening relationships and discover new ways of strengthen the fabric of our society and economy’.

The Japan Post Deal – Apple & IBM’s MobileFirst Partnership 

The software by IBM would be reminding the seniors to take their medication, suggesting exercises and diet changes help in tasks like grocery shopping and job matching. The company would also be catering to several behind the scenes services like system integration as well as training. Ginni Rometty, President, Chairman and CEO of IBM stated that they were starting draws on IBM’s long heritage of innovation at the intersection of technology, business and society.

The potential seen here as broad as national economics and as specific as the quality of life of individuals along with their families is an example of the potential of mobile led transformation anywhere in the world where issue of an aging population exist’. The Japan Post deal branched from Apple and IBM’s MobileFirst partnership. The combination of both the companies has given rise to a development of a range of template iOS apps and services for enterprise with divided support responsibilities when organization tend to agree to a contract.

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