Saturday, May 30, 2015

How App is Beneficial for Users

Property portal has come up with a property app that is not only considered to be one of the most innovative features in the search for properties but also one of the simplest and yet effective tools to use while on the move. The app is available both on the iOS and Android platforms. Anyone who is using communication devices on these platforms simply needs to have the best internet plan and he/she can become experts at property search quite easily. The app has been designed primarily to search, shortlist and manage property listings. The portal has ensured that the interface is kept simple and the property seekers do not have to face a lot of problems trying to find the best properties.

The features of the housing app

Anyone who has the housing app can search for properties for sale and rentals. Students and professionals can also find PG and hostel accommodations. There is also a provision of searching property agents. this might be the puzzling bit. Why are property agents needed when the gadget is so effective? Well no matter how good a gadget or an app might be, the work on the ground would have to be done by the property buyer himself or someone helping the buyer. This someone helping the buyer is the property agent who takes it upon himself or herself to have the property offered to the property seeker. The agents not only help in saving time but also allow completion of documentation and other formalities as well. One of the best parts about searching for properties using property agents is that one individual offers numerous options. Take the example of real estate brokers in Mumbai. These brokers are able to help find the best apartments in a jungle of apartments and high rise. It just is not possible to search for the best house on your own considering the number of options that are there. This is why the app offers a special provision to those who would rather have the options ready or made available to them. The search features of the app also allow one to explore the houses under the charge of each of the agents. This helps in sourcing numerous options from one source. Then of course the completion of formalities or negotiations are also done by the real estate agent.

How to search for property agents? 

When logging into the app, there are clear options which show where to search for property for sale from. Similarly there are options to search for rental houses and PGs. The option to search for property agents is also available. All that one has to do is to type the name of the locality where the property agent is sought. Then the map of the locality appears along with cluster markers highlighting concentrations of real estate agents in Mumbai. One can zoom in to see the individual markers to see which agent is present in which part of the locality. The agent details come up by tapping on the marker and all that the end user has to do is to explore the various options of property agents in Mumbai to select one and contact him/her.

In Conclusion

Property portal has ensured that all property search related services are as impeccable on the mobile as ever.

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