Saturday, May 9, 2015

Designing Your Slides for Your Next Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation can be a great asset for those who are preparing a presentation, whether at work, school or a social organization. The key to having a PowerPoint presentation that is compelling and interesting lies in how you design each slide. Here are some tips on creating aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slide designs.

Choose Neutral Colors

No matter how loud and exciting your presentation may be, you will still want to use neutral or muted colors. If you don't audience members may have a difficult time reading text on your slides.

Combine Text with Visuals

No one wants to see slide after slide of nothing but text. That's boring. To make sure your slides are interesting, provide a mixture of text, photos, short videos, charts and more. You can try them on alternating slides or combine them on the same slide.
Stay Consistent

They easiest way to distract an audience or lose their attention all together is to not be consistent in your slides. You are staying consistent in your spoken message, so your slides should reflect the same care. Make sure that the same color scheme and fonts are used throughout to avoid distracting changes.
With professional looking PowerPoint slides, you will be able to ace any presentation you have to give.

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