Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marsh Supermarkets and Inmarket Launching First Ibeacon Platform for iWatch

iBeacon Platform for Apple’s Wearable Product

Marsh, one of the first retailer using UPC Barcode scanners in 1974, will now be extending the iBeacon platform beyond smartphones to Apple Watch in 2015. inMarket’s mobile at retail platform, since 2010, had led millions of consumer product towards the stores all across the country and over 100 brands have influenced inMarket in engaging shoppers at the most receptive time, causing in verified sales lift. inMarket’s SDK will enable shoppers with Marsh app, shopping app on the inMarket Beacon platform with Apple Watch app and obtain contextual mobile experience in the store.

Marsh Supermarket together with inMarket has recently announced the launch of a closed-loop iBeacon platform throughout the 75 supermarket locations of Marsh, providing shoppers with Apple Watch and Smartphone, the opportunity of having their favoured apps to come alive in store which is the world’s first iBeacon wearable integrations at retail. Userswould be receiving interactive alerts together with other content on their devices depending on the proximity to Marsh’s beacons. The program being the first integration of iBeacon technology with Apple’s wearable product is expected to be launched to the consumers in the next several months.

New Way of Connecting with Mobile Shoppers

iBeacons is creating new ways of connecting with mobile shoppers in the store with inMarket enabling them to reach many shoppers through the app which is a favourite and is used daily, according to Senior Director of Customer Loyalty, Amit Bhardwaj, of Marsh Supermarkets.

 He states that, now with wearable integrations, shoppers using Apple Watch would be enjoying the same digitally augmented real world shopping experience.Marsh together with inMarket are working in developing a platform which will initially have March’s own app as well as inMarket’s List Ease app together with other apps to follow in quickly.

As seen in inMarket’s beacons in Marsh stores, it will enable trigger alerts like shopping list, ads as well as other content with Marsh mobile app or one of the apps that may incorporate inMarket’s Proximity SDK.Users who prefer to opt for the program would be receiving offers; recipes as well as other alerts on their mobile devices while they walk through the store and the system would automatically extend to Apple Watch the same day as the apps are updated, adding support to the device.

Marsh, First in Extending Apple’s iBeacon Capabilities

Marsh could be the first in extending Apple’s iBeacon capabilities to the Apple Watch though it is not the first in adopting the location based technology. Other retailers among the early adopters who rolled out iBeacons in their own respective venues are Macy’s, Major League and Virgin Atlantic airlines. According to CEO, Todd Dipaola, of inMarket, states that, mobile is not just the phone anymore.

It includes any device that conforms to life and helps based on `who’ you are, `where’ and even `when’ you are and it is aamazing time for consumers and commerce as digital and physical experience converge.Marsh and inMarket are the first to extend iBeacon enhancement for over millions of smartphone users to the new audience of `wearers’, with Apple Watch integration.

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