Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Next Version of USB is the Key to Apple's New MacBook

Apple’s all New MacBook Air for 2015

Apple is on its way in preparing an all-new MacBook Air for 2015 and is working towards a thinner and a totally redesigned MacBook. Reports from 9to5Mac claims, that Apple’s next notebook would be a 12-inch MacBook Air, wherein this new design comes with jettisons standards type, like a full sized USB ports, MegSafe connectors and SD slots in favour of a thinner and lighter body together with a higher resolution display.

Sources who have utilised the internal prototype version of the forthcoming computer, have given details with regards to the machine together with their artist renditions of the latest MacBook Air and a first close look at its first major step in mobile Mac computing from the time the Retina MacBook Pro had been launched in 2012.

The revamped MacBook Air will have a 12 inch screen and will be much narrower than the prevailing 11 inch MacBook Air and the bezels surrounding the MacBook Air screen are shrunk for the display panel and keyboard could take up a larger usable area of the laptop. The keyboard has been changed, placing them together utilising less space with a few key changes like the power button for instance, has been moved to the left upper corner area, towards the left of the escape key.

USB Type-C – Smaller/Faster/Reversible Cable

Besides this, the travel on the trackpad has also been removed keeping in mind to have a slim laptop. Users need to be aware that the new MacBook Air would be coming with only two ports, such as a headphone jack and a single USB Type-C port and it is difficult to imagine a MacBook without a Thunderbolt Connection or MagSafe charger, though the new specification of USB supports driving displays together with device charging.

There are two kinds of technology which Apple needs to take up – USB Type-C and a processor which could run well enough in helping to achieve a thin design without a fan. USB Type-C is the most important with a smaller, faster and reversible cable that will make the device thinner in the future. It could also serve as a power cable and display for devices and would need a single small port for all functions on a laptop.

Thin/Light/Small Laptop

The next thing that Apple would need after the USB-C is the processor and laptop developers are planning to launch laptops with Intel’s latest Broadwell processors though the chip continues to run hot enough with a need of a fan, which a 12-inch MacBook could do without it.

Apple could probably use the Intel Core M processor in order to keep it cool making sure that the battery life is appropriate, which the Company is striving to achieve with MacBook for several years now. This would mean that the MacBook would be comparatively thin, light as well as small though may not be a powerful machine.

The Core M will be capable to power the rumoured high res screen and such screens are standard on most mid-range as well as on some low cost laptop this year, but not a hit. On the contrary, it would be a little machine used for browsing, video watching or other purpose which would involve typing.

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