Thursday, January 8, 2015

Expired Domain Search

Expired domain search engine at DomCop enables users to locate domains that are based on Page Rank, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Trust Flow, Majestic Citation, Similar Web Rank, Alexa Rank, SEMRush Rand together with Social Statistics and Traffic Data.

Data is imported from domain auctions; dropped lists or those which are not deleted and provided with relevant details for these domains. Besides this, page rank is validated ensuring that the domains are not scams.

Moreover, they are also checked if they have been banned by Google and metrics are also used from other source such as Moz, Majestic SEO, and SEMRush etc. in validating the domains. Page Rank relates to the value that has been given to a page or domain which portrays its significance to Google and is obtained from incoming links to the domain or page from others across the internet and high page ranks provide more page rank to the domain.

Here the value of the page rank is based on the Google toolbar where most of the users are not aware that the page rank used by Google is not what is shown in the toolbar. At times it could be easy in presenting a fake page rank by directing a domain to a high page rank domain, temporarily and since the same is only updated once after some month, it could not be a reliable source of domain value.

Common Search/Simple Search/Advanced Search 

The domains here are not sold but lists of those available are displayed for purchase either through auction or could be registered through a domain registrar.Most of the domains listed at the site come from several sources such as NameJet, DynaDot, GoDaddy, and SnapNames as well as from different drop lists all over the world.

Viewers could navigate through the search in three ways such as a Common Search which is a pre-built search in locating expired domains that could be very useful for a first timer. The second is a Simple Search which is an easy search for users having few needed parameters and the last is Advanced Search which is for those who would prefer to have the option to search on each single metric

Expiring/Expired/Archived Domains

Scam Domains are several domains which are on auction as well as expired which portray fake page ranks which could be redirected to some high page rank domain. On checking on these, it indicates a fake page rank and buyers ultimately end up buying them. Banned Domains are those which have been banned by Google and can be checked on how many back links it may have.

 The site could also be check on Google – info: website.comand those domains which have been banned can be filtered. Users could buy expired domains that come with great metrics which are listed in three different categories namely: Expiring Domains wherein the domains which are likely to be expiring within 10 days are displayed.

Expired Domains are those domains already expired in the last 10 days and Archived Domains are those that are presently available and have expired for over 10 days back.

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