Monday, January 5, 2015

iOgrapher iPhone and iPad camera platform

iOgrapher, made for iOS devices, is an adaptable camera platform which can be equipped with various aftermarket lenses, microphones as well as other equipment which can change Apple’s mobile product range in a portable movie making studio. Fitted with premium optics, and backed by state of the art sensors as well as bespoke image processing technology together with a vast app store, the iOS devices are the most flexible portable camera systems in the market.

More focus is given to iPhones, which is seen on car commercial shots on Apple’s handset since the devices are usually one generation ahead of flagship iPad model with regards to camera capabilities though the tablet range is making much headway. Irrespective if one is an iPhone or iPad user, iOgrapher is developed to serve both with its light as well as flexible platform, capable of accepting aftermarket lenses, microphones, lamps etc.

While other camera mounts would need a case or a magnetic attachment for the lenses, the iOgrapher is a simple moulded plastic case that has handles and threaded brass to receive 37mm lenses and presently works with iPhone 5/5s, iPad Air, iPad 2/3/4 as well as iPad mini/mini 2/mini 3.

Device Tested for Both Form Factors

The device has been tested for both form factors with iPhone 5 and iPad mini and both the models have a relatively flat low profile polycarbonate moulded case with handles and threaded brass inserts for tripod mounting. Each accept 37mm lenses though the smaller version of iPhone only tends to support two cold-shoe mounts when compared to the iPad mini 3.

The two handles are excellent to grip, providing stability to the video and work very well with favoured video recording app. Good results are seen using Hyperlapse, exporting at 1x. At the time of testing, a RODE shotgun microphone as well as a Manfrotto 24 LED lamp was mounted to the cold-shoe mounts and at the time of taking photographs, it was found that a wide angled and macro lenses provided the best result. While filming, the wide angle or fisheye, does provide excellent result and the microphone and the light tend to be very useful while performing the video shoot.

Light and Easy to Operate 

The iOgrapher is light and easy to operate with the provision of two cold shoes, though not pretty. While on the iPad mini mode, though three cold shoe mounts are present, one may only be capable of using two, based on the width of the accessory connected and the lamp with the microphone are both wide enough to avoid using all three mounts simultaneously.

It is essential to be aware of a few things, when faced with some difficulty with the threads for the first time on using a lens. The brass being soft one should go slow ensuring that the threads are lined up so as to avoid cross thread and then taking the lens off, ensure to blow away any brass dust after use. Moreover while using an external microphone check whether the RODE is connected through the headphone jack or a lightning connected microphone using the Airplane mode. A distorted noise may interrupt a recording with any incoming notification sound that may come up.

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