Thursday, August 1, 2013

The new iOS 7 beta 4

The fourth beta of iOS 7 fixes functional and graphical bugs and brings a few new interfaces. The previous arrows at the top and bottom, of the home screen have been replaced by simple dashes. The presence of the center of notifications and control center is always well marked and there is now no more confusion about the meaning of "slide to unlock". Apple has also added an arrow on the "slide to unlock". The status bar has been expanded from the beta 3 with small cosmetic changes. Apple has yet reviewed the transparency of folders on the home screen and properly aligns the effect of zoom / unzoom. The labels are larger in Maps and sometimes condensed into messages. Gradients of some icons have been softened particularly those of the Mail and Safari and Gmail icon in Mail brought up to date. Apple has also added a few effects here and there for example during a search in Safari and accelerated those already present. The interface has been redesigned Spotlight; the research Reminders borrows the color of the wallpaper; the phone call buttons are meanwhile more square; some elements of the iOS browser have been changed subtle. Icons for AirPlay devices - a screen for video compatible devices, audio devices - have been redesigned. The changes are visible in the camera. HDR button has been moved and the appearance of slightly modified filters. When an application or video fills the screen, you have to make two new gestures to open the Notification Center. This operation, which prevents accidental opening, also applies to the control center too. Finally you can start random playback of all songs by the same artist, without having to go through a playlist or limited to a single album. Numerous developers report on the social networks of apps that did not work with previous beta work with the ß4.

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