Saturday, August 24, 2013

PNY Storedge provides 128 GB of additional memory in Macbook

PNY Storedge has introduced the  a solution for Apple's Macbooks that fits into the SD card slot and up to 128 GB of additional space allows. Macbooks with fixed SSD is ideal for this option. The Storedge looks like a scaled-SD card that only so far as it is out of the Macbook is necessary so that they can be pulled out again. Compared with SDXC cards Storedge the cards, however, are not exactly a bargain. The 64-GB module costs around 100 dollars and the model with 128 GB is offered for $ 200. A similar idea how PNY Storedge had is also used by the manufacturer of the adapter Nifty Drive, which was successfully funded via Kickstarter. The Nifty Drive has no own memory, but is equipped with a micro SD card and then sunk completely into the memory card slot of the Macbook. To fish out the adapter again, a paper clip or a similar pointed object must be used. The Macbook Air and the MacBook Pro with Retina screen cannot upgrade from Apple later with more SSD storage. A maximum of 768 GB SSDs orderable, but the memory is very expensive. For example, the MacBook Pro 13-inch large screen instead prefers to 256 GB 128 GB of memory; you must pay an additional fee of 200 Euros. For the upgrade to 768 GB even may cost around 900 Euros.

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