Tuesday, August 27, 2013

cat5 cables at TriangleCables

Frayed , worn and outdated computer cables can not only slow data down, they can pose a health hazard. Shocks and fires resulting from electronics endanger people and their property. Accidents like these can bring a business to its knees or bankrupt a family, not to mention the devastation if someone suffers personal injury. It's important for individuals and businesses to upgrade their cables accordingly to prevent lost time and data, as well as tragedy.

People who are moving massive amounts of data – whether they're processing documents for corporations or creating their own music videos – tax the computer systems they're running on. Old cables can slow the transfer of data down. Companies that want to stay abreast of the competition in speed will need the latest cables capable of handling Gigabits, like cat5 cables at TriangleCables.

These new kinds of cables also help businesses get the most out of new equipment. After upgrading to a computer system that can handle tougher jobs, it makes no sense to rely on the same old cords. Outdated cables aren't able to handle the same kinds of transfer demands, and wind up limiting the performance of new equipment. More importantly, these stresses can lead to major problems.

Overheated power cords can be a source of property damage and personal injury. This happens when damaged or overtaxed cables are used regularly. One home in Westfield, MA, had over $75,000 in damage due to a computer cord fire in April of 2013. This is just one reason that purchasing new, safe and more effective cables is more than worth the price.

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