Wednesday, July 31, 2013

iPhone 5S May have a fingerprint reader!

The future iPhone 5S could integrate a fingerprint reader. This rumor comes from iOS 4 beta 7. The site 9to5Mac found a file called "BiometricKitUI" by downloading the iOS 4 beta 7.Apple has released the latest version of iOS 4 beta 7 to developers last night. Some changes are from the previous version and one of them confirmed the rumors by spotting the code. A biometric reader could equip the future iPhone 5S of Apple brand. According to the latest rumors, the new Smartphone from Apple should be presented in the fall of September or October. Hamza Sood, a developer has identified in the code of iOS 4 beta 7 data suggesting to the next integration of a fingerprint reader in the "Home" button on the Smartphone. Code, after consideration shows that the iPhone user will have to put his thumb on the Home key and imprint will appear in the image and provides access to the Smartphone, instead of a PIN . This code is written in a file named "BiometricKitUI" and a line indicates "fingerprint." The biometric reader is not the back of the device but rather integrated into the Home button. This recognition would drive according to sources close to the case to access the terminal but not necessarily secure payments. It will take an official confirmation of the Apple brand that has at present said nothing about what probable fingerprint reader.

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