Saturday, July 27, 2013

Apple Releases Logic Pro X, MainStage 3

Apple today announced Logic Pro and MainStage X 3. They work from OS X 10.8.4, with a 1280 x 768 and 4 GB of RAM. Note that the rewriting means that all 64-bit Audio Units must also be used.
This software is available on the Mac App Store. They are respectively the rates unchanged 180 € and 27 €. They go out accompanied by a free application for iPad Remote Control. The Loop offers a test preview of Logic. The interface evolves into the shadows, like Final Cut Pro X, and it gives better access to controls and instruments. There are also some small changes in design or color icons and positioning libraries. It was also an option to hide the interface and to further the content being worked on. Users less familiar with this application should nevertheless be able to work more easily. This version introduces X Track Stacks to classify and merge multiple tracks into one, or create multi-layered instruments. Assemblies that can be saved and reused at will.

Then there are the Smart Controls to manipulate in one step several plug-ins and settings. Other new features include Drummer, a support tool for drummers including different styles of percussion. It is described at length in a video by Dalrymple. This application is accompanied by a plug-in to assemble their own kits by drawing in a collection of instruments. Apple has also added the feature to adjust Flex Pitch melodies or voice playing each note individually through a waveform. As for MainStage, Apple dresses as a new interface and compatibility with changes in Logic Pro X. Logic Pro Remote allows you to control Logic since its tablet by WiFi. For example, to transform the iPad fretboard, drum pad - as we know it with GarageBand - mixer or transport control. It will need at least iOS 6 and a mini iPad or iPad 2.

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