Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Changes in iOS 7 Beta 3

Apple released recently the third beta version of iOS 7. Still reserved for developers, this new version includes a lot of new, both in the interface functions. From version to version, Apple refines the interface of its new mobile system, but did not alter the main new iOS 7. Moreover, the icons that have been talked about as they have not changed; the new features of this third beta are much more subtle and related policies or levels of transparency.  On the Lock screen, the status bar has been slightly enlarged and the information at the top of the screen is slightly larger. However, the arrows at the top and bottom are still present, although they are often problematic. Once unlocked iPhone, we note that the files have a transparent background as before. It's subtle, but the background is easier to see the screen on the back as before with the third beta.

Moreover, Apple has also changed the font here and there. In the Weather app; same principle is followed and in the Notification Center; the screen that displays your day right with a smaller font.
iOS 7 is having slightly thicker fonts from now. This is evident in the list of options here as in Mail or in the list of notifications. The new basic policy iOS 7 is coarser than before. When an application is being downloaded, it is no longer entitled to the right bar of iOS 6. Apple's new system now has a dark first round, which is becoming increasingly transparent as and when loading and installation. When the operation is complete, the icon appears completely. Among the subtle changes that can be noted, Spotlight now appears in a slip and not a transparent effect. It also identifies some losses: the effect of transparency in key calculator (it has always been in the Phone application) or the animated for charging in the status bar icon.

The Music application evolves in small steps with new icons at the bottom and adjustments elsewhere in the positioning of text or icons. The song playing is now indicated by an icon that symbolizes the music going with a three-bar graphic. The biggest innovation, however, is probably the return of stars that can record their songs. Totally absent from the previous two betas, they make a remarkable comeback. To view them, just a tap on the song name and it is replaced with the traditional five locations that can record the song in question. iOS 7 Beta 3 is equally capable of displaying notes already present than to put new.

Alongside music, Apple has a priority to fix bugs Podcasts and application work properly now. With this beta, you must again activate synchronization with iCloud keychain. Apple states that the function is not compatible with previous betas, or with OS X 10.9 DP2. About this feature, iOS 7 now proposes to add a credit card from the Safari settings. To activate the bunch iCloud requires a security code. We can now record a credit card in the settings of Safari. On the month view, calendar iOS reappears when one day a bubble is composed of at least one appointment. The bubble does not vary depending on the timing involved, or the number of events, so that the information is not really useful.

In the Contacts view, the search box is permanently displayed at the top of the list. It is convenient to search for a particular contact without having to go top of the screen. This revised view is also present in the phone application. The tablets are also entitled to some adjustments with the third beta. The mini iPad benefits most from this third beta. On the other hand it is now fine fonts are best suited to its non-Retina display. Another significant innovation is the best small tablet displays applications that have not been optimized for the iPad. Specifically, the text is not as pixilated, if not Retina, obviously. On the iPad, iOS beta 7 seems to finally gain both in terms of speed and stability. That makes sense; Apple began with the iPhone, before looking at the tablet. Siri is entitled to new voices: no big changes, but they are more pleasing to the ear with the third beta. Recall iOS 7 lets you choose between a male voice and one female. The voice assistant also gained some speed with this beta.

The keyboard has been slightly modified with iOS 7 Beta 3. When it is present, it cannot display the control center which usually with a slip from the bottom shows. This change is useful to use the drag gesture of the "123" button to get a number or special character quickly. The keyboard has also been changed in mobile Safari. The key that was used to add a "Uk" next to the space bar no longer displays one point. It takes a tap maintained to quickly complete a domain name, but this change also captures simply points within domain names. This is undoubtedly more convenient, especially the space bar has more space. About Safari, the browser finds a full screen on the iPhone mode. In landscape mode, both scroll bars disappear when leaving any room for the content. Based on early returns, iOS 7 is faster on the iPhone 4 and even though it is still not as smooth as with iOS 6, users of this model can apparently finally enjoy every day.

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