Saturday, July 20, 2013

VLC is back on the App Store

The iOS version of VLC media player is available again after being removed from the App Store in January 2011 due to a compatibility problem with the GPL. This is good news for iOS users; the VLC player is back on the App Store after being removed in January 2011 and by that time, a dispute had arisen between the developers of the open source media player which was published under the GPLv2 license. However, the conditions of use of the App Store in some respects contradicted the terms of such license. As a result, one of the developers had obtained the removal of VLC. Now, VLC 2.0 is released under GPLv2 and MPLv2 (Mozilla Public License) dual license. Incidentally, this new version brings changes in depth, including the management of multi core architecture and the management of all video codecs supported in the version of VLC Desktop. Also on the menu, subtitles and AirPlay compatibility for playback on external displays. VideoLAN also indicated that SDK will arrive later this summer.

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