Friday, July 19, 2013

Share documents for free with Share Bucket

Share Bucket is a small free application for sharing documents on the model Skitch. Installed in the menu bar, then it uses Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive as a means of sharing. In the case of screenshots, images are immediately transferred to a service folder that has your preference which is a switchable option; Dropbox also offers this facility very recently. Notification signals the end of the task. The image which is going to be sent online is associated with a sharing link automatically placed in the clipboard. Just paste into an email or chat. If necessary, Photo Bucket will automatically delete these files after a delay of a few days specified by the user preferences.

Another method to quickly share any file is to the drag on the utility icon in the menu bar. Again, a link sharing is generated once it joined the Dropbox. Photo Bucket offers a few simple tools to share content like pen, shapes, text. The highlighter tool and blurring an area are particularly useful. There is a choice of recording format (png, jpeg, tiff, pdf) and the destination is on your Mac, or directly in the share folder. Are absent by cons, functions to crop an image and change its size before recording. This freeware is in English, very simple and easy to use.

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