Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mozilla Launches Firefox OS in Europe

The world press has an appointment at the press conference of Mozilla, on the eve of the opening of the doors of the Mobile World Congress 2013. The foundation has announced the launch of Firefox OS in nine countries this summer.  From the beginning of the summer and then by the end of the year, Firefox OS phones will be available in Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Venezuela. Mozilla target is clear: emerging markets (Brazil, Poland etc, and or economically constrained Spain and other countries) where the next billion people online.

The first wave of phones in Firefox OS reflects this choice: the models presented by Alcatel (One Touch Fire), ZTE (Open), LG and Huawei are positioned on the bottom and midrange. The entire product will use Snapdragon chips Qualcomm worked hand in hand with Mozilla. There is no competition to the iPhone or the Galaxy S III in Firefox OS, a strategic choice also allows Mozilla to not directly confront iOS and Android.  In Nitot’s own statement, "We must offer something to emerging markets; this is not an iPhone to € 800 which will be in charge”.

Firefox comes with OS Firefox Marketplace. The Firefox OS app are those third-party developers such as those proposed by default - are neither more nor less than web apps. But they can use all the material resources of the camera and store data locally to work offline. Again, Mozilla is surrounded by many partners: Nokia provides data mapping solution integrated offer several EA games in the Marketplace. But Firefox Marketplace will not only catalog apps for Firefox OS: developers can distribute their own apps and operators can offer their own shops with their own billing solution.

A hybrid model and Mozilla tries to hybridize and web apps. The search field in Firefox OS will look in both your installed apps in the Marketplace on the Web. If you choose an app that you do not have it installed, it will start instantly without installing as if it was nothing more than a website. Mozilla does not merely duplicate existing systems, but is force proposal - and hope that consumers will notice.

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