Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best Customer Relationship Management Software

Service providers have been providing productivity and collaboration application to run their online business, managing their information while being more productive at the office or while they are on the move without having to worry about outdated or expensive software or hardware. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term defined and designed to improve customer service and is related to business strategy wherein a customer avails the goods or services from any given firm which gives rise to a series of action and coordination in the process of the deal thereby leading to a relationship between the customer and the team of customer support or the management. The provider in question has delivered over twenty five online applications like customer relationship management software (CRM) to mail, Project management, Office suite, web conferencing, invoicing etc. and have received a number of awards, namely – an InfoWorld 2009 `Product of the Year’, and a 2008 PC World `Best Enterprise Start Up’. The customer relationship management software enables to track the sales activities with a 360 degree updates on complete sales cycle, identify trends, with opportunities and scope for improved efficiency with reduced cost.

Moreover the option of organizing, sharing and interacting on the latest market collateral with sales personnel and enhance sales conversions, automate the day to day business activities so that the focus can be shifted to the growing leads, closing deals to generate revenue. Besides this, the choice of going mobile and staying connected and in control anytime, anywhere through iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc: is also available. With over
25,000 companies using this system, CRM is growing popular among businesses due to the fact that it has proved to be more versatile in the enhancement of customer support, sales and in bring about success in the business. They also provide Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating customer relationship management modules with third party applications like accounting, e-commerce, ERP, self service portals etc. With the help of the API, one can extract CRM data in JSON or XML format thereby developing new applications or integrate with the existing business application in any programming language.

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