Saturday, February 23, 2013

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google has just unveiled the Chromebook pixels, a laptop that has no local disk storage but takes place in the Google Cloud Drive.   The "Pixel" is equipped with the Chrome OS (a web browser), a high definition touch screen 2560 x 1700 px (4.3 megapixels) of 12.85 inches with aspect ratio of 3:2, to an Intel i5, and especially a storage capacity of 1 Terabyte on Google Drive.

On the display part, the display density is of 239 pixels per inch or a little more than that of the Macbook Pro Apple Retina Display. Guess the price of it. Its price is $1299 dollars for the Wi-Fi version and $ 1449 for the LTE version. This new laptop from Google is rather daring and ambition to compete with the Apple range, although here we must be aware that the operating system is reduced to a browser, and therefore must have permanent access to internet to use it. Personally, even if the price is not cheap, we can find this concept computer in the cloud rather futuristic and not crazy at all. In recent years, there may be all in the clouds ... or directly into the Matrix. The pixels are already on sale from yester day on Google Play United States and the United Kingdom, and it will soon via the website of Best Buy. The LTE version will be available from April in the U.S.

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