Sunday, February 10, 2013

Microsoft Blue!

We learned in November that Microsoft was working on Blue, a code name that was supposed to designate a major update for Windows 8. Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, always very well informed about Microsoft, said yesterday that Blue is not just about Windows 8 but Windows Phone, Windows Server and services Redmond. The journalist says that Blue means a wave of new products that arrive at the same time. Internet Explorer, Bing, application of mail, calendar and other standard software would be affected by Blue.

On Windows, the changes would affect both the kernel and user experience than pilots. Before the arrival of the new set, Microsoft will continue to leave the minor updates like security fixes bug fixes.  Blue change in depth how to operate Microsoft comes out of major updates every two or three years. It would with Blue lock on an annual basis. Specifically, the next update of Windows might be available on the Windows Store. Microsoft and resume the same system with Apple OS X and the Mac App Store. Blue could happen this summer or fall.

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