Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft Invited to Justify!

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft were invited by a committee of the Australian Parliament to come and explain the difference in prices of their products, compared to other markets around the world. On March 22, the three companies will have to justify their business practices in a public hearing. An investigation was opened in May 2012; also under the microscope the price of music sold online platforms.

In the case of Apple, if one applies a strict parity in currencies, some Macs are sold in Australia the equivalent of $ 200 (U.S.) more than the United States. For music on iTunes, a song can be 1 dollar more.

This meeting follows a frustration with the answers so far. Last summer, Microsoft has produced a written response in which he is wearing these particular labels on higher labor costs and rents in the country, local regulations, higher costs in marketing, training and publicity, the exchange rate and higher costs of transmission and distribution.

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