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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Computer Scientists Introduce New Graphics Software

New graphic software has been unveiled by the computer scientist from the University of Massachusetts Amrest, which promises to deliver exciting results and a great number of application. This new software-modeling program uses a sophisticated geometric matching and machine learning which provides it the ability to mimic the human perception of style. This advanced graphics software will offer a range of powerful new tools to the users for comparing the similarity of the three dimensional (3D) objects.

Lead scientist develops smart computational techniques

The team of researchers was led by Evangelos Kalogerakis who is an expert in developing computational techniques. These techniques are used to analyze and synthesize the visual content along with focusing on the machine learning algorithms, which allow users in creating 3D models. In order to develop this new exciting software researcher drew observation about the style similarity in the art history and appraisal literature. This observation was vital in finding the geometrical elements, which include the shapes, lines, proportion, as well as visual motifs, which helped the software in understanding the stylistic similarity.

To improve the functionality and effectiveness of this software crowd-sourcing was utilized wherein more than 2500 people participated which include the ordinary people to artists. The aim of this crowd-sourcing was to present object’s style comparisons by studying the responses which happened to be more than 50,000 on seven structurally diverse categories.

These categories included buildings, lamps, cutlery, furniture, dishes, lamps, architectural pillars and coffee sets. This test was a complete success with human correspondents agreeing on its style similarity on an average of 85% of the time.

New graphics software brings more favorable design within short time

Being a software tool, the responses generated by the human evaluations were excellent with 90% of agreement rate. Which means this software was able to process the design of different structures and offer an end result which was excessively favorable as per the human perception. Kalogerakis was upbeat by this result and even stated that this software can become the next alternative style expert on providing suggestions of objects to populate the home, dining or even the virtual reality environment.

The future prospects of this new graphics software
For a long time computer graphics algorithms are being used to create movies, games, visual effects and augmented reality environments. It is even used in manufacturing real objects or designing architectural scenery. But with the advent of this new algorithm far greater things can be done with much more precision and effect than we can do now.

This software graphics tool can be used for exploring the databases of digital representation of buildings, pillar and other surrounding objects as per the style attributes. Creating content for the computer games will becomes much easier and advanced while the augmented reality can be simply populated with more advanced virtual objects as per the style taste. Robots running on this computer algorithm can easily recognize their environment and can maneuver new ways to move around and pick objects.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

1ShoppingCart online store software

Being able to sell products or services online is a great way to make semi-passive income, as it can come in regardless of what you're doing. While this is the dream of many entrepreneurs and businesses, not everyone is successful in this type of venture. If you want to make sales online, you have to make sure that your website is setup just right. One of the best things that you can do when you want to sell products online is get the right type of ecommerce software setup. With a good ecommerce solution, customers will be able to find the products that they are looking for, purchase them, and get them shipped out without you having to do anything. For example, 1ShoppingCart online store software is a good one to use. It has the potential to simplify your life and make things much more successful online. When you are interested in doing more with your online business, you should make sure that the look and feel of your ecommerce pages is also right. You do not want to overload the pages with information like many websites make the mistake of doing. If you do, you'll have a hard time getting people to stick around on your site long enough to make a purchase. By simplifying your site and making it so that your customers can find what they're looking for, you will increase the time they spend on your site and the amount of sales that your site makes on a regular basis.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best Customer Relationship Management Software

Service providers have been providing productivity and collaboration application to run their online business, managing their information while being more productive at the office or while they are on the move without having to worry about outdated or expensive software or hardware. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term defined and designed to improve customer service and is related to business strategy wherein a customer avails the goods or services from any given firm which gives rise to a series of action and coordination in the process of the deal thereby leading to a relationship between the customer and the team of customer support or the management. The provider in question has delivered over twenty five online applications like customer relationship management software (CRM) to mail, Project management, Office suite, web conferencing, invoicing etc. and have received a number of awards, namely – an InfoWorld 2009 `Product of the Year’, and a 2008 PC World `Best Enterprise Start Up’. The customer relationship management software enables to track the sales activities with a 360 degree updates on complete sales cycle, identify trends, with opportunities and scope for improved efficiency with reduced cost.

Moreover the option of organizing, sharing and interacting on the latest market collateral with sales personnel and enhance sales conversions, automate the day to day business activities so that the focus can be shifted to the growing leads, closing deals to generate revenue. Besides this, the choice of going mobile and staying connected and in control anytime, anywhere through iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc: is also available. With over
25,000 companies using this system, CRM is growing popular among businesses due to the fact that it has proved to be more versatile in the enhancement of customer support, sales and in bring about success in the business. They also provide Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating customer relationship management modules with third party applications like accounting, e-commerce, ERP, self service portals etc. With the help of the API, one can extract CRM data in JSON or XML format thereby developing new applications or integrate with the existing business application in any programming language.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vipre Antivirus (2)

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The need to secure our desktop, laptop or tablet is the most essential factor which are prone to viruses that can slow down the system and which get affected by hackers, spammers, cyber thieves and identity criminals.  We have reliable service providers catering to the needs of this prevention in the form of Vipre antivirus software 2013 which is all in one security option that prevents the slow down of the system while scanning, obtaining updates, protecting it from viruses et al.   Its amazing features that protect the system against virus and other malware threats are easy, smooth trouble free installation, idetects, removes viruses spyware, Trojans, rootkits and all kinds of malware.  The removable device scanning when plugged or inserted in the system automatically scans USB flash drives and other files for any threats which may affect the system.  It acts as a protection against email viruses in any email program using POP3 and SMTP.

Through its advanced anti rootkit technology it detects and disables hard to remove malware which invades the system and resides deep into the PC. It reveals the setting on the computer which may be hidden with an option to add program to Always Allowed List and also adds an Erase File option To Window’s Explorer menu list to completely erase unwanted files.  It also clears search histories and browsing used by other popular applications and with the combination of advanced anti virus, anti spyware technologies, it is a provider of complete security solution, eliminating any slow down in the overall performance of the computer. With real time monitoring and protection leveraging multiple detection methods against threats connected to the internet, users can take the advantage of this security solution which is designed to safeguard the PC with its excellent features at competitive price.   Viewers can also tour the site and get acquainted with the reviews and feedback posted by other users to enable them to make an appropriate choice on the much recommended software for PC security solutions. All the much needed support and guidance is rendered by their team on board who are most willing to render their dedicated services to their customers.

Hope every one try Vipre Antivirus  yourselves!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The iPad 2 makes good use of his legacy

The iPad 2 comes out tomorrow in the U.S. and the first test reports were released that night. Several journalists have had the new model in the hands for a week. Overview of the opinions of each other, among technophiles blogs and public newspaper sites. A general consensus emerges, the tablet from Apple evolves very well and it could again serve as a yardstick for competition, despite some shortcomings, some of a material nature (poor camera), others to order software (iOS notifications for example) but in this case can be easily resolved. As also suggest some performance tests, developers will have huge engine with which to play. But ultimately, where Apple is unbeatable is the consistency and overall quality of its ecosystem iOS and appliances that go with it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The output of the Macintosh

This event took place January 22, 1984. It was a success until Christmas, when buyers began to hesitate, unconvinced by the lack of connectivity to hard drives. In 1985, disagreements between Sculley and Jobs were getting worse. At that point, following an unsuccessful ploy to Jobs, the board spoke in favor of Sculley. Jobs resigned. The months that followed were not financially profitable.

Sculley capacity to lead a software company was then questioned. The first conflicts with Microsoft appeared: the release of Windows 1.0 was subject to a compromise which indicated that Microsoft would not use technologies utilized by Apple. The Mac came out of the shadows with the emergence of tools and software for desktop publishing (PostScript, PageMaker, ...).

In 1987, the Mac II confirmed this resurgence, to the point that the idea that Windows could not disturb the development of Macs was rapidly expanded (1989). But PC clones appeared, and the release of Windows 3.0 in May 1990, capable of running on all these clones, was a major concern for Apple, which remained only manufacturer of Macintosh.