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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The "new iPad 2" is gaining autonomy

We tested a "new iPad 2", that is to say an iPad 2 with the chip smaller A5 and engraved at 32 nm (read: The iPad 2 also has an A5 engraved in 32 nm). The chip of the original version of the tablet was engraved at 45 nm, as the team A5X that the third generation iphone. Overall in the Apple lineup, only two products are equipped with more finely etched chips: Apple TV 1080p and the iPad 2 remains in the catalog.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Samsung: "No, we are not copying Apple"

"We did not copy Apple's designs. We have used many similar designs in recent years. And we think that Apple's claims should not be a legal problem. “This is the line of defense JK Shin, President of Samsung Mobile.

However, this did not stop him from suggesting that the legal battle being waged between the two groups could be extended to new fronts. Remember that last weekend, the Korean company has requested access to prototypes of the iPhone and iPad3 to ipad5 prepare his defense

In addition, as part of the interview given to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has recognized that he would put the package on Android, especially on the shelves. This does not mean an abandonment of Bada. Finally, to gain market share in the highly competitive market shelves, the Korean company said it would not hesitate to be very aggressive on the pricing plan.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The iPod Touch will use the HDMI adapter iPad 2

On the occasion of the presentation of the iPad 2, Apple has unveiled a new accessory dedicated initially to the iPad: HDMI adapter that connects an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to a screen (HDMI compatible monitors or televisions) .

Connected to the iPad 2, the adapter can display the entire screen on a SpringBoard compatible HD in real time. This feature called "video mirroring" is however concerned by the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch, mainly because of a hardware limitation related to the processor (A4 chip for the iPhone 4G / iTouch and A5 dual-core for iPad 2).

Without this feature, the adapter can still display on an HD display some native applications. We can then view videos or podcasts from application "Video," presentations or photo slideshows.

Apple impels consumers to purchase the iPad 2 to enjoy the adapter and the features. One can imagine led conferences from an application repeated on a video projector, or display photo albums on HD television from a friend from a simple iPod Touch! The iPad 2 supports 1080p HD format but can not deliver videos beyond 720p. A 720p video signal is run on other iDevices. There is also support for 5.1 sound in Dolby Surround. The orientation of the accelerometer and iDevice are taken into account by the adapter and transcribed on the screen.

The adapter plugs into the dock connector of iDevices, and has two outputs: one HDMI port and a dock connector for recharging.

Available in France and 25 other countries for 39 € (the USB charging cable is supplied in the pack).