Thursday, January 8, 2015

Expired Domain Search

Expired domain search engine at DomCop enables users to locate domains that are based on Page Rank, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Trust Flow, Majestic Citation, Similar Web Rank, Alexa Rank, SEMRush Rand together with Social Statistics and Traffic Data.

Data is imported from domain auctions; dropped lists or those which are not deleted and provided with relevant details for these domains. Besides this, page rank is validated ensuring that the domains are not scams.

Moreover, they are also checked if they have been banned by Google and metrics are also used from other source such as Moz, Majestic SEO, and SEMRush etc. in validating the domains. Page Rank relates to the value that has been given to a page or domain which portrays its significance to Google and is obtained from incoming links to the domain or page from others across the internet and high page ranks provide more page rank to the domain.

Here the value of the page rank is based on the Google toolbar where most of the users are not aware that the page rank used by Google is not what is shown in the toolbar. At times it could be easy in presenting a fake page rank by directing a domain to a high page rank domain, temporarily and since the same is only updated once after some month, it could not be a reliable source of domain value.

Common Search/Simple Search/Advanced Search 

The domains here are not sold but lists of those available are displayed for purchase either through auction or could be registered through a domain registrar.Most of the domains listed at the site come from several sources such as NameJet, DynaDot, GoDaddy, and SnapNames as well as from different drop lists all over the world.

Viewers could navigate through the search in three ways such as a Common Search which is a pre-built search in locating expired domains that could be very useful for a first timer. The second is a Simple Search which is an easy search for users having few needed parameters and the last is Advanced Search which is for those who would prefer to have the option to search on each single metric

Expiring/Expired/Archived Domains

Scam Domains are several domains which are on auction as well as expired which portray fake page ranks which could be redirected to some high page rank domain. On checking on these, it indicates a fake page rank and buyers ultimately end up buying them. Banned Domains are those which have been banned by Google and can be checked on how many back links it may have.

 The site could also be check on Google – info: website.comand those domains which have been banned can be filtered. Users could buy expired domains that come with great metrics which are listed in three different categories namely: Expiring Domains wherein the domains which are likely to be expiring within 10 days are displayed.

Expired Domains are those domains already expired in the last 10 days and Archived Domains are those that are presently available and have expired for over 10 days back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The First Great Apple Watch Accessory

Several companies are gearing up to get on the Apple Watch bandwagon and the dock called by Standzout as `first great Apple Watch accessory will be capable of charging the Apple Watch with induction charging plate which will hold the timepiece. Standzout will be introducing a versatile dock together with inductive charging as well as pivoting stand for its upcoming Apple Watch and its Bandstand Apple Watch Dock would be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015.

It gets its power from a wire in the dock’s base which is inclusive of two USB ports for recharging other devices like iPad or iPhone. Moreover, the platform also pivots so that one can tilt the Apple Watch if desired to do so.

The Apple Watch would be on the wrist most of the time and one is not likely to dock it for view information when the same information is available on other iOS devices and with a battery already installed in the Apple Watch, it would not take more than an hour or so to recharge the timepiece. Standzout will be showing the Apple Watch dock which would rely on an induction charging plate in order to power the device as it holds the timepiece in place.

Pair of USB Ports/Pivot Stand

Besides this, there will also be a pair of USB ports which would help the user in making use of the dock in order to charge up other devices where an Apple user undoubtedly would be in possession of an iPhone or iPad as well. It has been rumoured that Apple is planning to launch this new entry on Valentine’s Day and it is presumed that the Bandstand Watch Dock would not be the last but probably, one of the first of several other accessories which would be released over a period of time.

It is just a matter of time and we need to wait and watch before the launch comes through for the latest entry and the Bandstand is just what one is looking forward to, a stand for the Apple Watch for charging as well as two other USB devices like the iPad or iPhone wherein the stand pivots the watch to enable its use while being charged at the same time. Users are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new launch.

Launch at – CES 2015

On launching the `first great Apple Watch accessory’ at CES 2015, the company is planning to sell dock that is equipped with a wireless charging technology with extra USB ports also for charging additional devices together with a pivoting stand enabling adjustment as per the requirement of the user. According to the developer, it has been designed from the ground up making the experience of charging and using Apple Watch, a much better one.

Moreover, the inductive charge which is built in the stand makes it easy and simple for charging as well as taking off the watch and drop it on the stand. It is provided with an LED light to enable the user to locate it in the dark where the brightness can be adjusted. The bandstand which works off on an induction charging plate, seems to be an appropriate choice for a charging platform though to get to know it better it would be essential to field test it with the real thing.

Monday, January 5, 2015

iOgrapher iPhone and iPad camera platform

iOgrapher, made for iOS devices, is an adaptable camera platform which can be equipped with various aftermarket lenses, microphones as well as other equipment which can change Apple’s mobile product range in a portable movie making studio. Fitted with premium optics, and backed by state of the art sensors as well as bespoke image processing technology together with a vast app store, the iOS devices are the most flexible portable camera systems in the market.

More focus is given to iPhones, which is seen on car commercial shots on Apple’s handset since the devices are usually one generation ahead of flagship iPad model with regards to camera capabilities though the tablet range is making much headway. Irrespective if one is an iPhone or iPad user, iOgrapher is developed to serve both with its light as well as flexible platform, capable of accepting aftermarket lenses, microphones, lamps etc.

While other camera mounts would need a case or a magnetic attachment for the lenses, the iOgrapher is a simple moulded plastic case that has handles and threaded brass to receive 37mm lenses and presently works with iPhone 5/5s, iPad Air, iPad 2/3/4 as well as iPad mini/mini 2/mini 3.

Device Tested for Both Form Factors

The device has been tested for both form factors with iPhone 5 and iPad mini and both the models have a relatively flat low profile polycarbonate moulded case with handles and threaded brass inserts for tripod mounting. Each accept 37mm lenses though the smaller version of iPhone only tends to support two cold-shoe mounts when compared to the iPad mini 3.

The two handles are excellent to grip, providing stability to the video and work very well with favoured video recording app. Good results are seen using Hyperlapse, exporting at 1x. At the time of testing, a RODE shotgun microphone as well as a Manfrotto 24 LED lamp was mounted to the cold-shoe mounts and at the time of taking photographs, it was found that a wide angled and macro lenses provided the best result. While filming, the wide angle or fisheye, does provide excellent result and the microphone and the light tend to be very useful while performing the video shoot.

Light and Easy to Operate 

The iOgrapher is light and easy to operate with the provision of two cold shoes, though not pretty. While on the iPad mini mode, though three cold shoe mounts are present, one may only be capable of using two, based on the width of the accessory connected and the lamp with the microphone are both wide enough to avoid using all three mounts simultaneously.

It is essential to be aware of a few things, when faced with some difficulty with the threads for the first time on using a lens. The brass being soft one should go slow ensuring that the threads are lined up so as to avoid cross thread and then taking the lens off, ensure to blow away any brass dust after use. Moreover while using an external microphone check whether the RODE is connected through the headphone jack or a lightning connected microphone using the Airplane mode. A distorted noise may interrupt a recording with any incoming notification sound that may come up.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Apple in Talks with UK Banks to Launch Apple Pay

According to recent reports, The Telegraph, top banks all over UK are presently negotiating with Apple, for the launch of Apple Pay during the first half of 2015. Sources have disclosed that the major banks have called for privacy concerns over personal and financial information of users but have admitted that they are positive with regards to the impact the service has made in the United States.

The bank is not comfortable with the amount of personal and financial information of the customers, that Apple collects and some executive are apprehensive that Apple Pay and the data it delivers to Apple could serve as a cause for an invasion of the banking industry.

This information comes in after Apple had posted a job listing for Apple Pay Intern somewhere early this month which indicated that the company is striving to work hard in the expansion of its payment service across Africa, Europe, India and Middle East.

In September, Visa had also stated that it would be working with Apple to roll out Apple Pay across Europe in 2015 while e-commerce giant Alibaba has also been negotiating with Apple over a partnership which would bring about the service to China

Established Near Field Communication Technology

According to The Telegraph, Apple has hopes of launching Apple Pay in the first half of 2015 where negotiations are reported to be tricky, as at least one of Britain’s major banks has been reluctant to share too much information with Apple to launch its tap to pay service.

Apple Pay had already been launched off in the U.S., in October and had become the largest NFC based mobile payment service in the market where various competitors had already been established and in November, Apple Pay was accounted for 1% of all digital payment dollars. Apple Pay has seen adoption at various popular retailers and restaurants in the U.S. which include McDonalds, Macy’s Subway, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Nike to mention a few.

Presently Apple Pay depends on established near field communication technology and users have found that they can use the capability at some NFC terminals internationally though the tap to pay functions present in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus operates only if the device is set up properly with American credit cards.

Compatible with Global Systems

Presently Apple Pay is limited to the U.S. though the job listings in Europe and China indicate an international rollout is in progress and Apple has not disclosed any specific launch for international availability.The fact is that Apple Pay has already been compatible with global systems indicating that the international roll out of Apple’s mobile payment service is not affected by technology or point of sale systems.

On the contrary, Apple should forge agreement with credit card issuers and banks ensuring compatibility all across the globe. Sources have accepted that no major bank would want to miss out on Apple Pay though early indications from the United States show that it may be the service to ultimately convince the consumers to pay with their mobile phones.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Apple’s Patent – `Communicating Stylus’

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, recently has granted Apple, a patent for `communicating stylus’, which would capture digital copies of handwritten notes as well as drawings from a variety of surfaces from paper to a whiteboard. Apple’s smart pen patent had first being filed for in January 2010 with credits to Aleksandar Pance as its inventor.

According to the patent, it would outline a smart writing feature which utilises accelerometers, wireless communication hardware and on-board storage for transferring handwritten notes and drawing from the stylus on to the digital device display.Several companies have developed these kinds of products the most relevant one being Livescribe’s smartpen and few boast on the complete complement of advanced technology by Apple’s design.

For instance, Livescribe 3 utilises an infrared camera which is located in its tip in order to capture handwriting and is then stored on-board or offloaded through Bluetooth wherein the process needs specialized paper, with a large chassis together with generous amount of power. The stylus could be configured to send movement data after the data has been collected at predefined intervals or continuously based on the users’ requirements, while another option is by sending out stylus data to various devices, as meeting notes.

Efficient Accelerometers/Motion Sensing Hardware

Apple’s stylus is featured on efficient accelerometers or other motion sensing hardware where the pen get activated only when it is picked up and its nib is pressed to the paper, withdrawn from a dock or manually turned on by the user. Thereafter the on-board sensors tend to track position changes with regards to an initial zero point enabling the device to transmit real-time data for translation as well as graphical representation on the screen of an iOS device.

It may be noted that Apple’s invention has the capabilities of being fitted with several accelerometers to measure movement in three dimension which produces accurate digital copy of stylus motion at any given angle irrespective of it being on a desk, wall or in the air. In other instances, it may not call for instant playback like taking notes, wherein in this case, the stylus could save movement data on-board or conduct burst transmission in order to save on energy. Apple had indicated that user could transmit data to a computing device which could remain in a bag or a pocket and could be a solution in saving digital backup of physical notes.

Embodiments with Alternative

Embodiments with alternative, comprises of several transmitter as well as receiver configurations for area triangulation, embedded magnetometers for collecting orientation data and several nib layouts to write with ink, graphite as well as other materials. Another thing to note is a capacitive version which could be used as a tradition iPad stylus.

As in the case of other Apple Patents with regards to styli, the idea of actually making one to the production level is slim taking into consideration the great efforts taken in multi-touch interface and to build a `communicating stylus, is made available if Apple intends to build such a device. Most of the hardware that is mentioned in the patent has been used in the prevailing generation iPhones as well as the iPads.