Thursday, May 16, 2013

IPhone 5S with new iOS 7 soon available!

According to information from insiders, the new iPhone 5S will be available as early as July and included iOS7 be delivered. Apple wants to offer its mobile system updated more frequently in a year, a modern, new design. According to releases from KDDI; a Japanese wireless carriers, the iPhone 5S will available in July, pre-orders can be made from the end of June. It is to be delivered with the new iOS7. Whether this information has hand and foot, cannot be confirmed. However, the date would fit in a further announcement regarding the WWDC, which going to be held in San Francisco on 10 to 14 June 2013. Apple itself had announced the release date of the new iOS devices in market. Sure is but to be expected with the introduction of the new iOS7. Thus, Apple would bring fresh air into its mobile system.

Gives you the messages with assurance, a complete reworking of the surface is performed. iOS7 to get a clearer and more streamlined design. The design should be kept very flat. Among the changes are probably also redesigned toolbars and icons, one of the sources says the new concept of iOS7 concept even from a Microsoft "Metro" interface. Exciting the speculation about the iPhone 5S. It should contain a sensor that is used to identify the user and can be used for the transfer of money. Of a further detail is mentioned, a kind of filter for the iPhone screen. It is to be seen whether the release date in July will truly realized.

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