Saturday, April 2, 2016

Apple Invents Modular Apple Watch Accessories That Link Together

Modular Functional Bank Links – Wearable Devices

Patent application that had been published by U.S. Patent and Trademark office provides a taste of a modular hardware ecosystem which has been developed to extend Apple Watch functions beyond its present limitations. Instead of building sensor stacks, processor together with other difficult and power hungry components right into single chassis, Apple intends breaking those units into a varied range of devices that have been sold as watch band links, connected electrically in series or equivalent.

As mentioned in Apple’s application, `modular functional band links for wearable devices, the modular designs tends to present a flexible platform wherein users could add on the features, or hardware node, according to their choice. The level of customization tends to assure power consumption and a lean internal layout, two valuable commodities in a tiny computing platform.

Apple notes that similar to any multifunction device, Apple Watch has the ability to support accessories assisting a swing value added functions and the most appealing are batteries, processor, displays, electricity generators, cameras, GPS sensors, thermometer, blood pressure sensors, sweat sensors and speakers. The standalone devices, arranged as links, tend to connect to each other and finally to the 6 pin diagnostic port on Apple Watch.

Unique Identifies to Activate/Send Data to Links

Since the modules tend to share a communication bus, Apple recommends unique identifiers to be used in order to activate and send data to individual link. For instance, a signal coded with audio identifier could be sent out by the Watch and received and processed by a speaker module when all other modules tend to ignore the message. In some embodiments the links tend to act as an external port in accepting electronic mechanisms possibly a SIM card or powered memory module.

The patent application of Apple’s modular wearable link had been first filed in February 2015 and credits Motohide Hatanaka, Douglas J. Weber, Brian Shadle, Alex M. Lee, David S. Herman, Patrick S, Wieler together with Simon R. Lancaster-Larocque as its inventors.It had been reported that Apple would be utilising the diagnostics connector as skipping off point for a class of functional accessories distributed prior to the public release of the device. Assuming that the port was capable of transferring power and data in real time, had been confirmed a few months thereafter when Apple had rolled out interactive Watch displays established on such technology at its retail stores

Backpack for Apple Watch

A precise example of Apple’s module idea has been revealed in an application for an `Auxiliary electronic device which is attachable to a wearable electronic device, describing a band accessory highlighting an internal power source as well as supporting wireless transmission circuitry. Essentially for a recharging strap or a battery extender, the device needs to be adequately slim enough to be accommodated between the wearable and the wrist of the user.

Apple tends to describes it as a backpack for Apple Watch. Visually the auxiliary device seems to be similar to Apple’s prevailing line-up of replacement straps, complete with attachments lugs together with a various clasp mechanism. Akin to the Sport Band, leather loop as well as new nylon style straps, the frame of Apple’s proposed charging device could be constructed from various comfortable heat dispelling materials inclusive of plastic, silicone, rubber, aluminium, graphite and ceramic.

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